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by Sheila Finkelstein on November 3, 2010

Today’s issue of Picture to Ponder evolved from some of my experience of “creating” during the last two days. I wound up spending a good amount of time adding new images to products in my Nature Art Gift shop. This included creating prints of the silk painted mandala featured in last week’s Picture to Ponder as well as portions of the garlic bulb imagery below. Also at a customer’s request I put the “Sh*t Happens – I find the beauty” on a mug. She loves the message and wanted one for herself and one for a gift.

After working on the mug I went to the garlic bulb segments featured here and on the blog in September. I particularly love the photograph and wanted to have it on a calendar in my kitchen. (The calendars are actually a very cost effective way of getting 8X10 -approx – prints. I simply cut off the calendar part when finished, or before.)

As I started working with the photo in Photoshop Elements, I “accidentally” focussed in on one portion of it. I then became enraptured with the silky texture and created a page with some variations on one of my sites. Stilll excited, I’ve put a composite of three of them here for

Today’s Featured Photos

3 views of garlic bulb

As you can see the top two are the same view rotated 90 degrees, each projecting a different feeling. The “silkiness” that so appeals to me remains in both.

For the bottom image I created a “montage”, mainly to show the original image with which I had started. There are a couple of more images on the garlic page where it is easier to spend time with each image separately.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Today’s experience and story relates to being open to the unexpected, focusing in and shifting perspectives.

I am assuming that more than likely you never pay too much attention to a garlic bulb if/when you take it apart to get separate the cloves. In the case of the above two segments I was taken aback when I made the “discovery”, kept the pieces for photographing and for further exploration with my camera. Ultimately, as evidenced by the above, the photographs themselves became another playground for exploration.

Is there anything that has caught your eye or attention recently that you chose to spend some time with and look at in a different way? If yes, what opened up for you out of that experience? If no, I invite you to find something very “ordinary” and see what new you can mentally/imaginatively create from it. And, of course, even if “yes”, I suggest you do this.

I also invite you to really zoom in on pieces of the object, person or situation and see what new you can find. Does the shift in visual perspective, create any other changes for you?

As always, have fun and open up to new possibilities.

Then please post your experience in the COMMENTS section below.

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Terrill Welch November 5, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Sheila, I can see why you got taken with your garlic. Those images are mesmerizing. I often get caught up in the waves as they come to shore and roll over the coast line. They are not often big waves but just ordinary ones. I feel my chest open up and I breathe more freely watching the waves and shooting them over and over again. Lovely post.


Sheila Finkelstein November 8, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Thanks, , Terrill. I appreciate your sharing of your experience as well as the acknowledgment. The waves you have where you live are generally much larger than our usual in Florida. Our New Jersey waves were probably in between. And all, in my experience have their quiet time also.
Do you video waves also? See imagery in them? A few years ago I featured the “foam” of a wave that gave the appearance of a viking –


Lauren Strouse November 6, 2010 at 11:16 am

Love these images – quite amazing since the skin on garlic is so dry and papery. Much beauty to be found in fruits and veggies when we take time to look – not just color, but shapes and textures. I love to cook and have always felt it is an art form; cooking allows me to be creative with color, shape, form, and texture as well as flavor. What is more beautiful than a perfectly composed plate of food? Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of something so common place!


Sheila Finkelstein November 8, 2010 at 3:26 pm

Hi Lauren.
Thanks for your comments and sharing. I love that you love cooking and see it as an art form. How wonderful for the people with whom you share your food that you create an composition of food on a plate.

And, I agree that the outer skin of garlic is dry and papery and when we move inside, especially after cutting, there is a whole different texture.

And YW for your thanks.


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