Self-Expression as seen in Orchid Interpretations – Picture to Ponder – Vol 4 – Issue 9

by Sheila Finkelstein on March 18, 2009

yellow cattleya orchid

close up of yellow cattleya orchid

Orchids in jewelry and Japanese Woodblock pring

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos
Peachy Yellow and Rose-colored Cattleya Orchid from American Orchid Society greenhouse – first two photographs

Th top orchid represents fun, for me, in the lyrical, curvaceous lines of the edges and the linear patterns of the orchids behind. The middle photo draws us in with the lushness of color and smooth, almost silky textures of the orchid. And for those who like to find faces and other images in orchid photos, there are some here also.

The bottom is a composite of three photographs showing amber and silver Jewelry Orchid Jewelry by Dr. Sumner Silverman, a clinical psychologist and artist, and a Japanese Woodblock Print by Carol Brown, playfully entitled “.Japig”

The Story
In recent weeks I’ve visited the AOS gardens and greenhouse a few times, two of them for workshop demonstrations as part of the March Exhibition – “Four Fine Arts in the Garden – A unique opportunity to view art techniques revolving around the beauty of orchids,” as described on the AOS site.

During both the jewelry-making demonstration and the Japanese Woodblock one, thought I knew not exactly what, I was photographing with the thought of sharing something with you in Picture to Ponder.

Today’s Cattleya Orchid has been stating that it wanted to be with you, so I decided to combine the real orchid and the interpretations of other orchids. Very often in Picture to Ponder I speak of reality and interpretation in a metaphysical way, so it is interesting for me to have a different type of analogy. Actually the photographs are always interpretations in and of themselves, despite thinking that they are “real.”

If you check both sites – Dr. Sumner’s and Carol Brown’s, you’ll read that their individual art forms bring them to meditative states.

Today’s Self-Reflecting Queries
I speak above of reality and interpretations. I could invite you, once again, to look in your life at what you call “real” and where you “interpret.” And, as I reflect, I’m reminded that I have been looking at various forms of self-expression.

One of my missions in life is in supporting people in being freely, fully and authentically self-expressed. In addition to that, it is with both the camera and writing that I find myself most revealed, often pieces and parts of me of which I am not fully aware.

I invite you this week to pay attention and notice where you are most self-expressed. The examples above of today’s artists show examples of two different forms in the arts and yours may be totally unrelated to the arts.

I also invite to look and see if there is anyway in which you think I can support you into further recognizing and tapping into you own strengths. I have been considering reviving teleclasses again, perhaps incorporating photography and writing with coaching.

I had intended to put together a survey asking you to identify any interests you might have for my working with you. Should you have any thoughts, prior to my creating the survey, I’d appreciate an email with your feedback. Simply put SURVEY in the subject and address it to me, Sheila [at] (Note the link will work. I simply typed it this to forestall spamming.)

As always, when you’re finished, I invite you to share your experience with today’s photos and writing on the blog. See the instructions below if you need help.

And do have fun with this today.

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Marifran March 18, 2009 at 7:57 pm

Dear Sheila,
The photographed orchid has such exquisite beauty, I could feel a quickening in my heart and excitement all over.

Never did I see a cattleya orchid live. Your capture of the perfect angle and lighting make it all the more vibrant. Of the two, it’s difficult to determine which photo I adore more.

The other unique approaches to an orchid are lovely. I much prefer your photographs.

This week I’ll examine where and how I am most self-expressed. Thanks for your contribution in visuals and concepts.
sparkling joy,


Dabra March 19, 2009 at 2:48 pm

Greetings Sheila,

The sheer lush vibrant colors of the orchids, come alive in a way that makes them seem lusciously three dimensional.

Your work has given me a k-new perspective. With the very first picture to ponder i began to see trees, and other “things” that I have walked by a hundred times for the very FIRST time.

I also have begun to photograph these beautiful expressions of Creation and the abundant curiousness that surrounds us, and like a child I savor my daily walks with my K-9 companion Mojo, in a way that had long been forgoton.

To feel that old childlike newness is a gift that I needed to be re-given. kNOW that your life has touched mine, as I hope that sharing this with you will touch yours. The Grand Exchange of The Life Force, and what comes from the virtues of the heart, is magical and wonderful isn’t it?

I wish you many blessings of continuance and transcendence Sheila. May it flow like the golden light particles of the universal matrix that extends from one to another to ALL. The infinite stream that never ends as it redefines the thing we call time in its eternal flowing. The fountain of life.

We Are ALL ONE. Thank You Beloved One.

Yours In Gratitude and Loving Light,



Sheila Finkelstein March 19, 2009 at 6:41 pm

Thank you so very much for this beautiful and, for me, empowering testimonial, as well as your concluding blessings.

What you have expressed, so sums up what I am about and is such a
tribute to my mission having been fulfilled insofar as what you have
now been experiencing.

Thank you also for your comments which are also very affirming for me.

With appreciation and love,



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