Sedona Sunset used as a Writing Prompt – Expressing Grief and Joy

by Sheila Finkelstein on October 15, 2008

In addition to my camera, writing is one of the tools I have found most helpful for freeing me up and expanding on my creativity. To support that I meet weekly, by phone, with a few other women interested in writing. We usually do four minute, free-flow writing, prompted by various quotations selected by group members.

Last week, before we started, Morgine and Marifran were expressing their enthrallment with the Sedona Sunset photos in the issue of Picture to Ponder they had received the previous day. I suggested using the photos for our “prompts” for the day. They both stated that I “should” publish what I wrote. I thought their writing was also noteworthy and thus, with permission, I am including their pieces below.
Sedona sunset #1 used for a writing promptSeparating myself from the experience in Sedona, I’ll look at the photo now…. a tiny shimmering light in the mountains of what I know is a strip of clouds and they could be mountains in a distance by the water.

A pearl, a diamond, a jewel – That actually is what the sun is in our lives. How many recognize it as such? I’m enthralled with the richness of color, especially the “copper” color of the section of the sky, looking like a smooth lake.

Where is the smoothness and silkiness in my life? Is it in my skin, no longer to be touched and caressed by my Sam? I gave away all his clothes without thinking of something of his to wrap around me, embrace me, caress me.

How far off from the clouds I’ve moved. I’ll comfort myself knowing he is the light up there, now warming my life with memories. And, oh, I yearn for the touch! ©2008 Sheila Finkelstein

Morgine wrote:

The sun sets and I don’t know where. Its glow is receding behind the clouds and I could be sad the darkness is coming. Yet there is beauty in the darkness, the nighttime, the moon and stars. The whole world changes.

Yet again I am reminded of the illusions with which we live. In reality the sun never stops shining and glowing and radiating its beauty. Somewhere else in the world someone is rising to its resonant beauty. Someone else is rising to till the soil, carry the water, enjoy their day! The sun never really sets except in the illusion in front of my eyes.

It makes me wonder, this beautiful photo, how many other things are always present in my life, if only I can change my point of view. What is ever really gone or missing? Perhaps nothing at all. Maybe all I ever want or need or desire resides within my own space and I only need change my glasses in order to find them. Shift my perspective and zing it comes back into view.

How beautiful the world is and I am and the magic never ends if I keep my wand right here beside me. ©2008 Morgine Jurdan

Marifran wrote:

This may be sunrise, and I see it as a sunset. The dark clouds are hugging the center of the sun’s image and light radiates down to the earth. Above the sun’s center, the light radiates up as well giving light more space.

The dying of the light seems to say it is not going quietly. It makes a spectacular sky circus to squeeze out the last drop of beauty, as if to emphasize its message of triumph before the finale is over. ©2008 Marifran Korb

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