Saturn Peach Views

by Sheila Finkelstein on September 15, 2008

shiny saturn peach in a dish


cut saturn peach in a dish


saturn peach cut spread out on background

Today’s fruit posting is the Saturn Peach (label in supermarket), also known as the Donut Peach, according to pages found on Google, because of its flat shape. Actually, I bought two of them, partially for what I saw as their almost “heart” shape, or so I thought, for photo subjects as well as eating. This peach is also said to be very sweet, tasty and juicy, none of which was my experience.

I had committed to posting a fruit a day and was disappointed when at a late hour I started photographing the peach. The first one I cut was somewhat rotted and bland in taste. I put it and the second, uncut, in the refrigerator letting my disappointment rule my behavior. I didn’t even bother to download the photos until two days later when I took the second peach out to photograph.

Before starting, I checked the first photos and was pleasantly surprised.  There was a glistening and lushness to the fruit in looking at it on the screen, an experience I did not have initially. I therefore went out on my patio, for the lighting, and happily started photographing, playing with backgrounds, more photographing, as well as cutting into the inside and grabbing more interesting photos.

Again, I discovered that the second peach also was rotted in part.  Between this fruit and the apple photos of last week, I could make it mean something, AND I won’t!  I did go back to the supermarket and did mention the poor quality of the fruit to them.  I did not attempt to return the two for credit.  I figured I got my money’s worth from the photo experience.

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