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by Sheila Finkelstein on April 26, 2012

There are a few things I would like to bring your attention to. They are detailed next and below today’s Action Queries.

With Mother’s Day coming up I’d be doing you a disservice were I not to remind you of Nature Art Gifts. It includes links to a variety of choices of products incorporating my wide range of art. In addition gift certificates are available. Further down the page, my favorites are cited.

Now on to Today’s Photos

Yellow pink rose

Yellow Pink Rose turned white with an iPhone app

The above is one of the roses that was in the bouquet I talked about in the April 12th issue of Picture to Ponder. If you missed it, do check out Roses Hug on the blog.

Relationship Tip –
Tip #3 in “55 Ways to Show Love” is “Focus on the things he/she does well.”

Great tip. But how do these two rose photos relate to it?

The rose is beautiful. In the color photo, though, there is some distraction – on the table and in the background. It’s not a “clean” photo. This could have been altered in a photo editing program, and I had no plans to do anything with it, so I let it be.

Then, in going through the photo album on my iPhone this particular rose once again caught my eye. I wondered what it would look like in black and white. I went to one of the apps and did a “Wow!” I love it, so dramatic and rich-looking.

In the process the distracting background got camouflaged and some of the elements still noticeable appear to be an integral part of a planned composition. Total attention/focus is on the central beauty of the flower. The thing it does well IS be beautiful.

Action Queries and Steps
I now invite you to look at one of your relationships. It could even be with yourself.

What’s around him/her/you? What distractions pull you away from looking directly at him/her/you?

What if you were to disappear, in your mind, all of those extraneous bits and pieces, most likely mainly in your thoughts, and were to focus solely on the person, the traits and actions you admire and love? What might become available to you and them?

I invite you to “try this on” . Be in the space of the query, then the action of “playing” with the strengths that you saw.

As always, have fun and please post your experience of this in the COMMENTS below.

Mother’s Day or Gifts in General

This keepsake box with a ceramic tile inset into lacquered wood is my favorite gift to give. I love the white velvet lined interior. The boxes come in a choice of black or mahogany finishes.

There are over 45 tile inserts from which you can choose. This tropical water lily and the Gerber Daisy are among my favorites.


gerber daisy in a tile keepsake box

In addition to the boxes, there are pillows, journals, note cards and much more.

See and choose for yourself and your loved one in Nature Art Shop. See categories in the menu on the left of the page.

banana sky dvd headerBANANA SKY DVD
Healing Photography and music for relaxation and stress-relief. DVD plays on TV or computer.

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Gift Certificates –
Purchase and have emailed or sent by US postal service. Details on Gift Certificate page.


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