Reflections and Perspecitive Shifts – Miami Windows and Life – Picture to Ponder v8-11

by Sheila Finkelstein on March 17, 2012

As I am transitioning and developing my Love With No Regrets business, I’ve started looking at issues from several years ago to see which photos and Self-Reflecting Queries fit more specifically with relationship issues.

Since so many of our Picture to Ponders do, in fact, in some way deal with relationships, firstly and most importantly with ourselves, I’m anticipating a fun time. It is my intention that you too enjoy the journey.

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know how much fun I have with reflections, so it’s not surprising that the first issue I went to was this with Miami Reflections.

Miami Window Reflections 1

Two quick updates – “55 Ways to Show Love”, which includes contributions from 30 Picture to Ponder subscribers, is now complete. There is a link for the PDF download on All of them are filled with love. There are some especially creative tips also.

Last week I included a link to Jon-Mark Davey, Wildlife Photographer’s Day in the Cay – Life is Art, 11 delightful minutes touring Green Cay Wetlands. One subscriber wrote: “The video “A day in the cay” had me mesmerized, esp. the large pink birds with the white heads and necks and the long, broad, flat beaks.” So I’ve including the link again.

Today’s Photos –

Miami Reflections 2

Miami Window Reflections 3

Today’s Photos
Sky and Building reflected in second floor windows of a building in Miami, FL

Five years ago Sam and I were in downtown Miami on New Year’s Day. Before leaving for home we drove around for a few blocks looking at the shops and buildings. My eye was suddenly captivated by reflections in a wall of windows. We pulled over, got out and started walking and snapping (photographs).

Almost 200 photos later, we left. I was in ecstasy over the muted browns and blues and the patterns. So many of the “scenes” had the feeling of wonderful, giant paintings. I shared these three in the first issue of 2007 and two of the more dramatic ones in the next issue issue of Picture to Ponder.

In 2010, I put many of the photos together in a video that I still love.

It’s under 3 minutes. Enjoy.

I wrote in 2007 that I chose today’s views for a gentle, peaceful way to start the New Year. I offer them here for you today experience reflective peace now as you look at them

Self-Reflecting Queries –
If you follow the three photos down the page you can see they are all reflecting the same basic elements AND that there are differences in each one.

As I was taking the pictures I noticed how simply shifting, ever so slightly, the camera or my body altered the scene, in the blue section that’s framed by the tan. Note the openness of that panel in the top photograph, then the oval shapes of blue in the middle photo. That same panel is almost completely closed in the third view.

I now invite you to look into your life, as well as the relationships in it. Is there any area where you would like to see a shift, or closure? If so, I invite you to look at it from several different perspectives, each one only slightly modified. See what opens up, or shuts down, for you.

As always have fun with this and honor the play and transformation in what you create. What did you notice here? Your comments below are most welcome.

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