Red Onion – Veggies Day 2

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 5, 2008

red onion starting to peel in a pottery dish made by Sheila Finkelstein

Red Onion in a Ceramic Dish thrown by me years ago – on a pink tablecloth which, when looking at it in the downloaded photo became the pink “canvas” for this post.

Note – This photograph was taken at night with no flash, simply the light of the overhead chandelier. I will start giving a few “technical” details, simply to point out things we can be aware of. I have not had formal training, as such, and I’ve never taken a course in photography. I say this simply to make people comfortable using their cameras for play, discovery and experimentation, exercises in becoming more open and aware.

Speaking of play and discovery, shopping for vegetables to photograph this week became fun. In addition to my usual looking at their prices and making certain there are not bruises or rotten spots, I found myself studying the vegetables for their shapes, colors, and various patterns and textures on their surfaces. I smiled when I remembered having been dubbed, “Mrs. Texture,” by my fifth-graders in the elementary art school classes I taught years ago.

I smiled more as I watch two different young men reach into the bins and simply grab, without a second look, 2 of the vegetables they wanted. I thought, with curiosity, “Is that a man thing? Are there differences between men and women in the way they choose their fruits and vegetables?” No matter, I was on a different mission.

The “chore” of shopping for vegetables, because I committed to photographing one a day, had become an adventure. And as I studied the onions I was drawn to for their color, I began noticing the peeling skins. My mind went to my having heard suggestions in the past to peel away the layers, like in an onion, to get at what was disturbing me. So this week, for the fun of it, I will start peeling away this onion and continue to show photos of it here in the next days.

One of the onion photos will also become the featured photo in the next issue of Picture to Ponder. Watch for that here in the next day or two.

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Morgine August 5, 2008 at 9:31 am

Was watching one of my favorite movies Tortilla Soup which all centers around cooking and there are lots of pictures of preparing food. I too was fascinated at a red onion and how the man cut it. We went back and it took two times to notice, while he took the outer layer off, he left the root end hooked on until he cut it into little pieces so everything was held together instead of falling apart like when I normally do it. That one little detail I observed in peeling away the layers allowed me to remember how important it is to keep my own “roots” in tact!!

thanks!! Morgine


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