Red Onion – Peeling Away Layer 11

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 18, 2008

red onion as layer 11 is peeled from the large section

If you have been following along you will have noted that in last week’s Picture to Ponder post here I had raced ahead to showing Layer 10, covering a summation of my process, and then on the blog went back to showing preceding Layer photos.

Here in Layer 11 photos, the third inner section appears. I think I am one being, generally neglecting the other parts. It’s usually my “head” (comprised of thoughts) that I think of as the largest part. Then there is the “heart” of me, which feels, often suppresses, my love for people and things. What is this third part now being revealed?

thick skins of layers peeled on level 11

Note how thick the “skins” of the layers are, even at this delicate level with, seemingly, little remaining to be exposed. How strong our protection is!

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