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by Sheila Finkelstein on November 30, 2012

rock that looks like an egg on rocks in Dreher Park Zoo

Today’s message and photos focus on textures and stories in our lives. “What’s real?” can be considered the question of the day.

When I started looking for feature photos for this issue of Treasure Your Life Now some of my recent bird portrait photos surfaced. Then I began to get caught up in textures in other recent photos taken at the Dreher Park Zoo in West Palm Beach, FL.

The top photo is example of “the power of suggestion.” As I was walking in an enclosed, large aviary section of the zoo, the small white rock you see in it immediately caught my eye. Given that my brain knew I was in a bird environment, my instant, automatic response was to perceive it as an egg. Upon closer look though I saw that it was a rock, the thought of the egg remained with me for a while.

Today’s Additional Photos

Macaw feathers on a printed fabric

Macaw feathers on fabric

macaw feathers only

The above three photographs are of feathers from one or more Macaws – large, beautifully colored members of the Parrot family.

Before reading on I invite you to spend a moment or two with each of the photos and observe your own responses.

The feathers were on a educational exhibit table as we walked out of one area of the zoo. They were placed on a relevantly printed fabric. In the top photo, especially, it’s difficult to separate the actual feathers from the parrot image that is a print on the fabric.

I love the play of lines, silky textures and contrasts in the middle photo. The bottom, of the feathers alone, placed and photographed horizontally, has a whole different, almost ethereal quality for me.

Once I had decided on “Texture” as the theme for this issue the next photo jumped out at me.

owl in textured background

Quite obviously an Owl (a live one), the contrast, or blending, of his feathers with that of the wire against the fence slats captivates me.

What draws you in here?

And moving on to Self-Reflecting Queries and Relationship Tips

What was your experience with the photos and with what I wrote?

Do you find yourself seeing things exactly as you think they are without any added interpretations?

If so, I invite you have a conversation with another on one or more of the photographs. Without sharing first what either you or I saw, ask for that other person’s experience.

Is it any different from yours? If so, is there anything you can take from that to apply to other areas of your life, particularly in your relationships with other people?

blue macaw pair in Dreher Park Zoo

Given we started out with Macaws, I’m concluding with a photograph of two live ones. Following their example I invite you to embrace another person or yourself. Or, in some other way demonstrate a connection as these two birds are doing.

As always, have fun, and please post what comes up for you in the Comments below.

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Linda B December 3, 2012 at 11:32 am

Sheila, I love your owl! It’s a richly woven tapestry of texture and subtle neutral colors. I’m drawn to that single glossy golden eye.
The two bird-lovers are sheer Macaw-rotica.


Sheila Finkelstein December 19, 2012 at 8:24 pm

Thanks so much, Linda. What a beautiful “tapestry” of words and I love your “play” with them!! You bring such light and joy with your writing and speaking.


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