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by Sheila Finkelstein on February 20, 2013

As I’ve mentioned in recent issues of Treasure Your Life Now, I’ve been focusing on areas other than photography. Beneath it all, though, I have a sense of obligation to the subscribers and have had the wondering of what to post here.

In searching through earlier issues, the photos featured today popped out for me. The top photo was a fun one for me.

Boadwalk railing at Green Cay Wetlands - Interlocking textures

If you see the two “kissing faces” in the split in the boardwalk railing, I expect it will be fun for you too. A little late for Valentine’s Day, it does seem to fit the writing I did today in my Writing Group that I’ve mentioned before.

The other four participants all insisted that I post it someplace. So though I’m not exactly sure why, I’m trusting them. It certainly does point to Treasuring Our Lives Now.

The quote to which we wrote for four minutes was:

“All intimacy is rare. That’s what makes it precious.”  Amy Bloom.

I responded (unedited except for the bolding in my last sentence):

“This quote’s not landing very well with me. Thought I wanted to be on the call this AM, with writing to wake me up.  Wake me up from what? I don’t know.  Energize me?

I haven’t thinking about Sam much lately. A few weeks ago, Susan commented she’s noticed a difference.  If I wrote about him in recent times, it was without tears.

And, somehow I think this quote is resonating with some untouched nerves. Don’t know why.  I think I tend to be pretty open, thus intimate, with people.

And it’s the ‘precious’ in the quote that’s the trigger here for me. What I had with Sam was very precious, not often acknowledged as such, and in the depths of me sorely missed if I think of it.”

NOTE: For those who are new, or relatively new to Treasure Your Life Now, formerly Picture to Ponder, Sam was my beloved husband for 47 years. He passed away 5 plus years ago in November 2007.

Other Photos for Today that Surfaced to be Included:

In fitting with what’s turning into the “Intimacy” theme for today’s issue, I invite you to be with the photos feeling the intimacy or not. What are the differences for you as you experience them.

boardwalk at Green Cay Wetlands - reflections, texture and angles

boardwalk at Green Cay - texture and angles

The above photos were taken in Green Cay Wetlands and featured in Picture to Ponder – Volume 7, Issue 28.

The flowers below are Phalaenopsis from the American Orchid Society’s gardens formerly in Delray Beach, Florida. These photos and subsequent Self-Reflecting Queries were featured in Volume 6, Issue 28.

White phalaenopsis at American Orchid Society

phalaenopsis - background lightened

Self-Reflecting Queries
As you looked at the above photographs/scenes did you feel a difference in being close up and then further back? In the case of the boardwalk and water photos there was a substantial difference?

Does being close-up feel confrontational for you? Did you notice more when you were closer up or at a distance?

And, if there were differences, can you now step back and look into your life to see if you can find recurring analogous situations?

Lastly, for the Queries here, were you able to relate to the concept of intimacy in any of the photographs? If so, is there a parallel in your life?

Relationship Tip
In my free flow writing, cited above, I concluded with “What I had with Sam was very precious, not often acknowledged as such, and in the depths of me sorely missed, if I think of it.”

I invite you to look at one or relationships in your life now. Spend some time on defining what is precious to you in that person and your relationship. Then share that preciousness with the other person.

Do “Treasure Your Life Now!” Treat it, and your relationships, as very precious.

Please share in the COMMENTS below your experiences with these questions and your resultant actions.

and in a different conversation:

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If so, having little free time, do you find yourself stressed out by this?

Are your relationships suffering as a result?

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Morgine February 21, 2013 at 2:58 pm

I cried reading your writing this morning. I am reminded of HOW PRECIOUS things are every moment of our lives and when we live “in the fast lane”, or even more slowly, but with our minds “full to overflowing with thoughts” we OFTEN MISS the Magic and Wonder before us. Looking back I SO WISH I could Re-Savor moments here or there.I now KNOW how Precious they were and how I wish I had given them my FULLEST ATTENTION.

We never know Sheila, like 911, what will be our last kiss, our last goodbye. In fact, each and every moment of our lives is a One of A Kind original, never to be repeated moment exactly as it is happening. No two moments are. Your writing REMINDS ME to take MORE TIME APPRECIATING the moments of my day, so in the future, I will no longer have regrets of not giving myself to them more fully! This IS one of those PRECIOUS moments in my life and I THANK YOU for sharing your writing and me for taking time to read it. It CHANGED my life!


Sheila Finkelstein February 21, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts, Morgine, and stating that this piece is one of the “precious moments” of your life.

Thank you for the reminder to live “every moment of our lives [as] a One of A Kind original.” I’m pausing to breathe that in.


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