Picture to Ponder – Vol 4 – Issue 30: Moonlight and Flowers – Sadness and Celebration

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 19, 2008

close-up of a sunflower with alstromeria - watercolor effect

Full moon in clouds with insert

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Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos
Two very different photos, as explained in the Queries section.

The upper photo is a view focusing in on Sunflowers surrounded by Alstromeria in a floral arrangement in a ceramic vase.

sunflowers and alstromeria in a vase in the home of artist Sally Cooper

(Note the painting in the background is one of the many wonderful paintings of artist, Sally Cooper, who very graciously hosted a gathering of member artists from WITVA (Women In The Visual Arts).

When I came across the featured photo the other day in one of my folders, I felt uplifted, having the momentary feeling that I was looking at a water color rather than a photograph. It seemed to be a perfect one to feature today, as so many people throughout the United States, at least, are experiencing wet, dreary and threatening weather.

The lower photo is a photograph of a Full Moon Amidst Clouds on a recent clear night. The completed image is a result of using several processes in the Photoshop Elements Course I just completed. Click on Lesson 5-6 and scroll the bottom of the page to see the unaltered photos and other exercises in that class.

I include it here because I get the feeling of celebration from the photo, with the lilt of the center image.

Intro to Today’s Self-Reflecting Queries
As I wind down from all the work that has been involved in preparing for the changeover, moving Picture to Ponder from one publisher to another, there have been several layers of sadness for me. The first is that I’ve really appreciated the service I’ve had from EZezine for the almost four years that I have been working with them, so there is that feeling of loss.

Then there has been my concern for making certain that everyone who cares about Picture to Ponder is ensured of having the opportunity to continue. Once doing that, I’m left with the sadness of the loss of those subscribers who have not responded and will no longer be on the list. Of course, they may not have been opening the issues in the first place.

I shared my feelings with two masterminding buddies and close friends and asked what they thought of my featuring the moody moon/cloud photos for this “last” issue. They did not see the one I ultimately used here since it hadn’t yet been done. I wrote that I had a lively one (the flowers) which had been my original choice.

I was reminded that this is the “first” issue for many of you AND I could be viewing
the whole thing as a celebration of new beginnings. Thank you, Morgine and Marifran!

The Queries
Coming from what I experienced, I invite you to look at:

1. Are there places in your life, where you are focussing on what’s missing rather than on what’s available?

2. When you do see, acknowledge and honor what’s there, do you allow yourself to celebrate it? If so, how?

3. When you are in a quandry, or are feeling sad, do you simply shut down, withdraw, or are you able to seek out and ask for support?

4. Do you remain aware of what methods you can use to create shifts for yourself?

For me in addition to communicating with my friends and support team, I was able to turn my energy into a creative venture. While playing with the photos in Photoshop, fulfilling on other coursework, I wound up with a totally unexpected result, a way to use both images, celebrating an “aliveness” theme.

While working with the photos I had no hidden agenda or attachment to results and that, I say, is what made it work.

Where, if at all, can you find yourself in the latter example?

As always, have fun with these questions as you explore and play.

I’d love to hear from you. Remember this issue is also posted on our new PHOTOGRAPHY AND TRANSFORMATION BLOG. Simply fill in the box under REPLY to place your comments.

And, while you’re there be sure to check out the final photos of the Onion Layers through to Layer 13.

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Lauren Strouse August 20, 2008 at 10:08 am

Wow – what incredible things you can do with that photoshop. Loved the full view of the flowers in the vase – perhaps because I have a bouquet of sunflowers from our garden in a bright blue ceramic pitcher sitting on our dining room table. I like the combination of colors in yours – very vibrant.
As always, your queries provide much food for thought. I was thinking about the fact that when I have problems or challenges I tend to turn inward rather than seek support from others – perhaps this is something I should work on changing both for my own benefit and the benefit of friends and family who might like the opportunity to be of help. Thanks for your insights.


Nancy Dault August 20, 2008 at 1:08 pm

Love these photos, and also the ones from your lessons: the birds, the gardenia. Real pretty. I agree that having friends to discuss issues with is wonderful. Funny, fun-loving ones are the best! I definitely get help there to enjoy what I have. I thought the sunflower photo with the background included was very celebratory.

I’ve been writing about what I see as my problems until they become funny. Then other people read it and laugh too.

Nancy D


Sheila Finkelstein August 25, 2008 at 1:29 pm

Belated thanks to you both, dear Lauren and Nancy. I appreciate your comments.

Note – I have now included the photo of the sunflowers in the vase within the blog post itself. They were in the beautiful home of artist Sally Cooper who does spectacular work. Check out the link in the post.


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