Photography and Sound – Examples from the Morikami

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 22, 2008

Close up photograph of a bamboo deer chaser at the Morikami Museum
a Deer Chaser (Shishi Odoshi) in the Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach, FL

This deer chaser is one of my all-time favorite photographs. I find it very peaceful and healing when I want to center myself. In Issue 94 of PICTURE TO PONDER in May 2005, I wrote, “I love, love, love this photo. It lights me up with a smile and totally energizes me. Part of it I think are the contrasts and the shadows on the bamboo and, of course, the water is healing.” Issue 94 gives more information and other photographs

Whenever I am in the Gardens and someone is stopped by the deer chaser, I love explaining it’s function while waiting for the “noise” that would chase a deer away from the garden in which it’s placed.

Yesterday when I stopped in for a quick visit to the Gardens at the Morikami Museum, I experienced an “aha” moment. As I walked through the Bamboo Garden I was stopped by unusual sounds and suddenly realized that it was the clacking of the hard wood as the trees hit each other in the somewhat high wind. I realized that I could capture this with the recording feature on my digital camera.

When I moved onto the Deer Chaser spot, it occurred to me that I could finally capture this sound also, to share with you, my visitors. It has taken me this long (a couple of years) to connect the technology of my camera and that of Video after a training session with Audio Acrobat. I did capture the bamboo sounds and those of the waterfalls there and will post those at a future time. In the meantime, in 8 seconds, you too can experience the deer chaser.

Note – Today’s post is inspired by my friend, pet portrait artist, Rececca Collins who has very much gotten into using video on as one of the tools she using on her blog for educating viewers on some of the ways she uses here creative genius, predominately now with her pet portraits.

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Becca August 22, 2008 at 12:42 pm

This is great …and all from your regular camera??? And thanks for the shout-out. I dunno about “creative genius”, but thanks. So much fun to play with video … oh so much to learn.


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