Parrot Tulip Photos spark Observations of Self

by Sheila Finkelstein on April 15, 2009


Ariane Goodwin, invited me to submit a Tulip photo for Featured Artist of the Week on the smARTist Career Blog, stating that “Velvet” was here favorite.

Parrot tulip with a velvet feeling

I originally featured these two tulip photographs in PICTURE TO PONDER last month, in acknowledgment of April as Parkinson’s Disease Awareness month (a tulip is the symbol for PD). In that writing I mainly paid attention to the feeling and the textures of the above flower and the one below.  I invited readers to simply “BE” with them.

At the time I thought that my preference was for this second photo. Then, after the communication from Ariane, I started reflecting on the photos and my life.  I thought:


The first photo is . . .

The tulip yet to fully open
Colors and textures abound
Promises of a rich, bright, velvety future.

Wow, it’s open now
Strong and bold
Rich in color
Has it lost some of its

Its back is to me
The way I often present
Myself to the world
Am I hiding?
If so, what?
Is it self-protection?
What am I protecting?

center of a parrot tulip

Lots of central imagery
Food for thought.
Hmm. Is my food in the core of me?
I always go to my brain for nourishment.

open parrot tulip - sideview

And now as the petals start to fall
Looking sideways toward
What’s next?

A different form of beauty remains.
Always rich in colors, lines and textures
The curvaceousness of my soul.

The reminder of my path.

©2009 Sheila Finkelstein

I would be delighted if you, too, would share your responses to these photos or my words.  You can see additonal tulip photos in my Flickr Tulip Album and on TULIPS PAGES I put up in other years.  Use the links at the bottom of each of those pages to check the other years – 2007 and 2008.

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Marifran April 15, 2009 at 6:06 pm

Dear Sheila,
Never will I look at a tulip the same way.
I have tulips in my yard and some gracing my kitchen table. They mean so much more to me. Now I appreciate the whole life cycle of the tulip. In fact, I can apply this to every flower. Besides representing “The curvaceousness of my soul” they symbolize the luscious beauty of life itself.
In joy,


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