Palm Tree Trunk Cells and Changing Perspectives – Picture to Ponder – Vol 5 – Issue 15

by Sheila Finkelstein on April 28, 2009

Palm tree trunk cells

Palm Tree Trunk Cells panoramaTODAY’S PHOTOS
segment of the trunk of a Palm Tree

I am assuming that some portions of the trunk were removed, thus exposing the cells. I was so caught up in the intrigue of exploring sections of the trunk with my camera that I did not think about the cause and effect of what I was seeing.

Once viewing the photos, on my monitor I fell in love with what I saw/see as the beauty in browns contrasted with the green and a bit of the blue sky, along with the contrast and repetition in the shapes and lines.

To get “more to appreciate,” I started playing with the photograph in Photoshop Elements. Although I did not alter anything in colors or filters I did resize, rotate and flip the photo to create the panoramic image.

As I view the lower photo I notice an unplanned face in the center of the panorama. Actually it’s more like “ET.” The two horizontal prints could be flipped in the opposite direction and a whole new image be created.

The content of this issue is actually verbatim, with a single question added to the Queries, for Issue 208, published at the end of the first year of Picture to Ponder.

I was going through photo archives in preparation for the Through and from the Lens COURSE and these two cells photos kept coming up for me. Given my practice of follow my instincts when it comes to photo selection here, I decided to also use them as the featured photos for today. After all, most of you were not subscribers then and, if you were, are you likely to remember these two photographs?

On the other hand I find it interesting to see how similar the queries are to what I have been putting forth, even in recent times – three and a half years later. It’s good to take note of the consistencies in our lives and be reminded of our strengths.

Once again our photo is an example of the possibilities in looking at something – an object, thing, person or situation – from more than one point of view.

As I have in past issues of Picture to Ponder, I invite to look around you and find an item in your environment, or a space in which you are passing through, to look at from several different angles. Are you seeing anything newly?

There may also be areas in your life – relationships or other situations – in which you might spur surprising results by viewing them from more than one perspective . Keep in mind, as in the photo combinations above, there may be even more possibilities than the one you choose as your answer.

Play and have fun with this.

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