Orchids: Paying Attention, Celebration, Gratitude, Unconditional Love in Picture to Ponder – v6 – isssue 14

by Sheila Finkelstein on April 8, 2010

This past weekend I stepped out on my screened in patio and walked pass a table where two orchid plants had been resting for almost a year and a half, since the time the flowers and many of the leaves had died off.

They’ve been more or less ignored, occasionally receiving water from me, so imagine my surprise when glancing over I saw the back of what seemed to be an open flower. Sure enough it was – flower and two buds!

Feeling excited, special and important, now, with orchids of my own, I, of course, brought out the camera and have photographed them each day since. Unfortunately bud number three dropped off before opening.

Today’s Photos

phalaenopsis and 2 buds

Phalaenopsis orchid and two buds the morning I first noticed the open flower.

phalaenopsis in front of screened window

The second Phalaenopsis opened – The setting here and in the top photo is in front of the screen looking out into the backyard.

phalaenopsis - black background

Same flowers, as above, in front of a black background so that the focus is on the flowers only.

Self-Reflecting Queries
I am in awe and in deep gratitude for what this orchid and a Maranta (prayer plant – written about in several issues of Picture to Ponder) have given me…. Once again I recognize it as “unconditional love.” They have bloomed and given me pleasure even though I have more or less neglected them over time. See Unconditional Love which has added Maranta links.

Now to you –

Are there people or things in your life whom/or that you have been neglecting and are still always there for you? If so, I invite you to pause and in some way express your gratitude and appreciation.

What are you celebrating/can you celebrate?

One of the prompts this week for a four-minute free flow writing exercise in the writing group in which I participate, was:

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” – Tom Peters

My friend Marifran Korb, having heard about and not yet seen the orchid, spontaneously responded with the following:

“To celebrate is to give focus and attention to something, even if only a minute. It doesn’t have to be a long time. What I focus upon responds in some way, even when it is only in me.

Still, we live in an interactive world. That orchid that Sheila captured on camera responded to Sheila’s love and moved the world around it in a gentler way.

Something shifts and opens up when we pay attention. We’re happier if only for that moment. It makes a difference and increases the circle of joy.” Marifran Korb – www.marifrankorb.com

What might you have been ignoring which might result in a shift should you pay attention to it?

I invite you to celebrate, play, have fun with whatever you notice.

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ham April 21, 2010 at 10:39 am

all these images from the avatar creator God, we have to thank him for the graces which God created fbna ;and the blssings that surround us and finally supplemented thanks.


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