Orchids for Beauty -Pause, Meditate, Reflect – Picture to Ponder – vol 5-issue 28

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 6, 2009

These orchids from the American Orchid Society Gardens stood out for me as I was selecting photos to feature in the last issue of Picture to Ponder. For whatever reason, the rooster photographs, along with the mystery of the feathers, won out. Today, though I had not yet saved it in the ezine files, it was easy for me to find it.

When I first started PICTURE TO PONDER, four plus years ago, only one photograph was featured in each issue. Somewhere along the line, as I reduced the number of issues per week, it grew to two or three images per issue.

Today I started looking for others, wondering especially if yesterday’s full moon photos would fit. Then I stopped and remembered the value of sometimes staying present to one thing for a moment or two, or more, in our hectic lives.

So, I present today’s photo to you with the invitation to merge yourself in its beauty. Then take a few moments to reflect on the beauty in your life.

As stated above, orchids from the American Orchid Society Greenhouse. I could research to identify this particular genus and for today I’m striving for simplicity, so I will leave it unnamed.

For those wanting more of my photographs, you’ll see here that  I have done two additional posts, with photographs, on this blog since the last Picture to Ponder post. Scroll down for the previous two subsequent.

Above, I invited you to immerse yourself into the photograph above. The orchids might have resonated with you, the colors, perhaps an imagined fragrance. There might be something in the background that has meaning for you. And, perhaps you accepted my invitation and simply allowed yourself a meditative moment or two.

I could ask you to explore, for yourself what it was, and from there you could possibly create a bunch of Self-Reflecting Queries. On the other hand, since I’m suggesting you use today’s orchids photograph to be simply present.

I do, though, invite you to creating some form of trigger, a way to remind yourself of the experience. Perhaps touch one of your fingers to your thumb, visualizing the orchids, or whatever other peaceful image might have surfaced for you. Then use that “trigger” as reminders to pause during chaotic moments.

Remember also to be open to all the different forms of beauty in your own life – in both your visual and interactive environments.

For today, I wish you a gentle, restful kind of fun.

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