Ocean Energy and Visuals While Working on Your Computer

by Sheila Finkelstein on January 5, 2012

I continue to be so excited with my video desk-top discovery written about earlier today in my Orchid Light and Ocean Video post that I took a picture of a Word document surround by ocean energy as I worked.

The image you see is WORD open, on top of a QuickTime video paused where I wanted it. QuickTime is staying open throughout my work day.  Again, see previous post for explanation how I’m using it on my desktop. Clicking on the icon in the lower right will open it full screen.

If you would like the download of the above video for any-time respite on your own desktop, simply fill in the form below.

And, if you would like to listen to the sounds of the ocean as you work, you can open my YouTube Sunrise-Sunset Ocean videos Playlist. The videos play one after another so you can have that going in the background while you work. Any time you need a visual respite, you can simply go back to that window. For best listening, lower your computer volume.

Clicking on YouTube in the video below will bring you directly into the full Playlist.

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