Not Paying Attention – Missing Out on Purple Tulips, Wild Irises and Life – Picture to Ponder – v6 – issue 17

by Sheila Finkelstein on April 28, 2010

Today’s Photos

Purple Tulip #1

With tilted head, querying “What do you see?
Where will you be taking me?”

purple tulip 2

“Nestled in; comfy and cozy, safe
and protected before I emerge.”

wild iris in Wakodahatchee wetlands

“Bright light; rhythmic petals, curve and dance,
reflecting many aspects of life.”

Today’s Photos’ Stories
I purchased the above tulips for my annual tulip photographing, acknowledging the APDA annual fundraiser walk for Parkinson’s Research (see Vol 6 – Issue 13). I was really excited with both the richness of color of the tulips and the variety of stages they were in… the potential for so many great photos. I did one photos “session” and then, although they were on a table in my living room for my enjoyment, I TOTALLY forgot about watering them! A week after I purchased them they had wilted and were beyond resurrection. Evidently I hadn’t been paying much attention to them. On my living room table, they had even been in visible range any time I walked through that central location and were there for sidewise glances whenever I watched TV.

Then, last week, when I was organizing photos to share after the Events and Adventures Saturday photo walk I led, I came across the wild iris photographs I had taken at Wakodahatchee Wetlands last year. I glanced at the dates – February and March 2009 – and was aghast. I had TOTALLY missed them this year! Though I have not been walking at Wakodahatchee as much this year as in the past, I certainly had to have passed the Iris location there at least two or three times, and probably more, during this 2010 bloom period.

Granted there may have been fewer this year as a result of the unusual cold spell we had here in Florida, they were still there. This was confirmed by one of the participants in Saturday’s workshop who lives near me and had seen them.

In both cases it will be a full year before I can resurrect the experiences, AND they will never be the same.

As an aside, for those who live in the tri-state, NJ/NY/PA, area and love irises, Presby Memorial Gardens in Montclair, NJ has a WONDERFUL collection. According to their website their irises will be in full bloom from May 15th to June 6th. It’s a not-to-be-missed “show” for Iris lovers. Several years ago I did my photo/drawing process on several of the photos I took. See Iris Photo/Drawings.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Given my “stories” above, the obvious queries for today include my invitation to look in to your life and see:

Are there places where you “know” you are not paying attention? – Listening to your children, spouse, friends, strangers? Being human qualifies you for a “yes” answer here!

Now looking at one or more of those situations, can you identify a pattern of when those inattentive times might occur? You may make a request, assuming an answer; ask for a name and already be posing the next question, without fully paying attention to an answer.

How many times have you been driving someplace and suddenly look out and noticed you’ve “suddenly” gotten to your destination,

or not? Placed your keys, mail, or important papers down someplace and then can’t find them. There are a myriad of other situations, I’m sure, that you can uncover.

For me, I am setting a goal to be more cognizant of some of the patterns I might pick up on for myself, set the intention to be more mindful and assume that the “training” will put be in a future place where I won’t miss the seeing the irises and watering the plants. Perhaps, I’ll end up putting some easy and fun, new structures in place.

I invite you to also start paying more attention, at least for the next few days, to your own inattentions.

As always, have fun with this and please post your comments below.

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Linda April 28, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Tulips , the first picture I noticed a little drain in energy and the support each green stem gave to hold up its fellow community , the second one I also felt the comfort safety of blooming, the vulnerability of coming into full bloom,
the iris when pondering on its beauty and feeling how grand a tiny seed can bring so much pleasure to the eye.


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