Inspiring Self and Bold Actions – Picture to Ponder – v6 – Issue 39

by Sheila Finkelstein on October 6, 2010

Last week, I mentioned I had enrolled in the Create the Impossible program. Now I find I am stepping out beyond anything I would have imagined. Having an Art Rep, possibly Business Partner, is one of the things that surfaced for me when I started free flow writing from “I want…. ” “Wow,” I thought. “That’s certainly impossible for me and definitely not possible in 30 days!” So I registered for the program.

One of the first things I did was revise and update my Sheila home page. I wanted to make it easy for someone visiting to get a quick overview of the scope of my work and what might be possible in bringing it into a variety of markets. I invite you to visit the page, for your own pleasure, and should you know anyone who might be interested in the business end, please pass the link on.

If you scroll down the page, you’ll find offers for two bonus eBooks. You are welcome to take advantage of them. They include a subscription to Picture to Ponder AND you will NOT, as an existing subscriber, be getting duplicate mailings.

NOTE: If the thought of “Creating the Impossible” intrigues you, check out CREATE THE IMPOSSIBLE. When on the page, click on Upcoming Events in the black horizontal menu bar near the top of that page for details. Apologies if you tried the link over the weekend. There were some technical challenges.

Today’s Featured Photos

photo drawing of beets in a dish

brocolli and grapes in a colander

beets in a ceramic dish - photo drawing

Today’s Photos
The three pictures above are all photo/drawings that I did several years ago. The top and bottom images are of beets in a ceramic dish. The middle is of mixed vegetables and grapes in a colander.

Even several years ago, I was in the practice of photographing whatever caught my attention no matter what it was, wherever I was.

Today’s Photos Story
I was having a huge challenge today finding photos, amongst my thousands, to feature in this issue of Picture to Ponder. So I decided to go for a Nature walk “hoping” something would “show up”, catch my eye, and nothing did.

Then I went to the supermarket for vegetables for dinner and started looking for one, or more, that might catch my eye. I wavered on a couple, half-heartedly bought a sweet potato to play with. When I got home I realized it would, of course, involve taking pictures, plus a lot more time than I had available for the rest of the steps that would be required.

Then, being in the space of vegetable imagery and art, I was reminded that lately I’ve been getting a “lift” each time I glance over at the three images above that are on tiles in my kitchen. It’s actually, finally, becoming inspired by my own art, after countless years, that’s having me be brave enough to put myself out, looking at the larger world of big business.

(Note – These images are available, along with others, in the vegetable TILES section of my Gift Shop.)

Self-Reflecting Queries
Two themes run through today’s Picture to Ponder.

The first is around intention; the second is on honoring and owning ourselves.

When I went out “looking” for images to photograph, it was more of an “in order to” have something to use today, rather than an intention for and the belief in the possibility of it.

I invite you to look back at something recent that appeared that satisfied exactly what you needed or wanted. Can you recall your frame of mind and being that preceded it?

I extend the invitation to further observe your behavior this week and see what your state is when the “just right things” that you “need” or “want” show up. Is there tension? freedom? belief? or ease and trust?

Secondly, in relation to my becoming inspired by my art, what is it about you, your “beings”, your “doings” that most inspire you about yourself? I invite you to move it out of your “mind thinking” and recall the “feelings”, when something about you sparks you, or has.

As things come up, I further invite you to make written note of them, particularly if this is challenging for you. And, lastly, if there is any action, especially a bold one, I invite you to take it.

As always, you are welcome to share your responses in the COMMENTS section below. Note the new “Notify me…. ” option so you can get emails when others comment. Looking forward to our connecting there. Thank you so much.

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