Healing Power of Nature and Echinacea – Picture to Ponder – v5-issue 35

by Sheila Finkelstein on September 22, 2009

are Photo/Drawings of Echinacea Flowers – the first being “field” of them, the other three being different views from the same garden.

“Photo/drawings” is a term I created when I first developed this process using my photographs, new scanner and a pen with permanent ink to draw directly on the photos. They were the content that made up my original nature web site – Nature’s Playground stating,

“We believe that the world is a playground for personal growth and development; that natural environments – gardens, woods, beaches, rivers, streams – are sources for pleasure, creativity, play and self-discovery; that expanding sensory awareness of natural and man-made environments provides access to furthering creative thinking and appreciation.”

In an empowering interview my friend Adela Rubio did with Dean Shrock, last week, on “Why Love Heals”, he stated that “Nature is probably the purest form of love. Simply being out and appreciating natural beauty, we’ll experience love. Nature literally realigns the molecules of your body in a more harmonious manner, so that the body simply works better.” See SelfcareMastery.com for this quote and Adela’s full summary of the call.

For me, I got a dramatic “Aha” – that this can be the strong foundation on which to stand as I move forward with my work. Certainly the healing power of nature is the crux of Banana Sky DVD!

Interestingly, today in my writing group** one of the quotes from which we wrote was “When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it is your world for the moment, ” Georgia O’Keefe.

Responding to this prompt, Susan Jones, group member, wrote: “Flowers have one of the highest natural vibrations. That’s why flower essences are so powerful, so healing. Georgia O’Keefe painted the effect of that vibration on her. An artist does not copy, she shares the soul of the moment. ”

This seemed like such a synchronistic statement for my newfound “stand” that I asked Susan if I could quote her.

In searching for flowers to feature, I decided that the ones I would use here today would be flowers that most of us are likely to know as “healing” flowers. I, at least, always use “echinacea” in capsules or tea form when I feel a cold coming on. In addition, the center echinacea photo/drawing featured here was very much admired by a dinner guest this past weekend. A large poster-size format of it hangs on my patio.

(**Note: Susan and three others of us all first connected in one of Julie Jordan Scott’s writing programs. For those open to it, Julie has a Writing Group starting tomorrow – Wednesday, September 23.

For today, I invite you to look at the variations of the same subject, the Echinacea above, and make note of what stands out as differences for you. Then expand this observation into your own life.

Is there an issue, a challenge, or something which you really appreciate, where you might find empowering analogous differences by taking different points of view?

And, in a slightly different conversation, relating to my finding a position of strength I can claim for moving forward in my work, are you clear on the ground on which you are standing in your work? and then in your relationships – both personal and business?

Peace and fun.

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Debii September 23, 2009 at 9:50 am

I really like these – making them look like paintings was a great idea. Tried to grow some echinacea this summer but it didn’t work for me. But then, I read a story about a master gardener in Southern Living magazine once who said that you don’t really get to know a plant until you have killed it at least three time. Guess I have some more “getting to know” to do!

And it is interesting that you referenced Georgia O’Keeffe. I was just doing some on-line research of her a couple of days ago, and had a long conversation with someone yesterday about her. Synchronicity is so neat!


Maryanne October 16, 2009 at 2:10 pm

Hello Dear Sheila,
I seem to be blundering about in attempting to successfully send a “comment”. Ha-Ha…perhaps not required? At any rate, I simply am in love with your photo-paintings of both the leaves and of the Echinacea…perhaps this is, in part, because, on occassion I paint and I often use the dark outlined style that you have used. But, more importantly, they are simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! And, I always use echinacea for a healing remedy and also use many other flower remedies for healing. Oak is another wonderful remedy.
Thank you so much for your generous sharing.


Sheila Finkelstein October 16, 2009 at 8:24 pm

Again, thank you for the acknowledgment, Maryanne, and for your persistence in successfully posting the comment.


PS – Have you seen my watercolors (from 30 years ago,
recently scanned to be printed as giclees)?


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