Grapes with Broccoli and Scallions, plus Berries – Photo Drawing Art

by Sheila Finkelstein on September 11, 2008

grapes, broccoli and other vegetables on a time

Transitioning from the Vegetable theme to Fruit with mixture of grapes, broccoli, mushrooms and scallions to

photo drawing of berries in a ceramic dish

berries in a ceramic bowl.

In yesterday’s Picture to Ponder, I committed to posting at least one photo of fruit per day, for the next week. One of the subscribers wrote and asked if I had any grape photos she could use for the cover of a book she is writing. I do not have any current photos of grapes and I went back in my files to discover these photo/drawings.

Given I had not committed to their being new photo, I thought these would be great to also introduce new people to my work to my photo drawing art in my Cafe Press Gift shop. The top image can be found on ceramic tiles.

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