Fruitful Celebrations and Year End Queries – Picture to Ponder – v7-50

by Sheila Finkelstein on December 21, 2011

fruit basket from edible arrangements

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday and in the process I remembered that I had totally forgotten to acknowledge Picture to Ponder’s 7th Birthday. The first issue was delivered on December 9, 2004. See Issue 1 for brief introduction on what how it came about. It’s interesting for me to note that, in fact, what I said about my intention and recommendations then still holds true on many levels.

I stated for MISSION – “It is my desire to inspire you to discover and expand your own greatness of seeing, imagining and/or creating.” And though we’ve gone down to once a week from four times, then twice, my description of how to use Picture to Ponder remains the same. See description in Issue 1.

Today’s issue is a little bit different. After listening this morning to an empowering Blog Talk Radio Show with Cheri Ruskus of Victory Circles, I decided to use her questions for our Self-Reflecting Queries. They are timely, right-on and ones I’ve started answering myself.

I checked out her site after the call and on her Business Victories site was, interestingly, the following quote on her “Meet Cheri Ruskus” page, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

Click on the Mastermind Principle of Giving to listen and/or download today’s broadcast with Cheri’s wonderful questions. See Self-Reflecting Queries below for her “Year-End Questions”. Cheri also stated that she will post them on her Facebook Victory Circles Page. If you are a Facebook user, I recommend “LIKE”ing that page.

Now on to Today’s Photos Description and Story
Saturday afternoon I was delightedly surprised to receive the “Edible Arrangement”  from my son Joe and family – Ellen, Will and Jack – in Georgia. Anxious to sample the one of the dark and white chocolate covered banana wedges, I did remain disciplined enough to take several photos before removing pieces from the arrangement to enjoy.

Then when I was considering what photos to use today, the one at the top seemed to be most fitting for these days of celebration. I did improvise on the card, replacing the wonderful personal greeting, with ones appropriate here.

As I went through the photos for final selection, the one below, from a different angle,  brought an immediate, spontaneous laugh.

another view of Edible Arrangements fruit basket

It was the funny face that popped out at me that caused the chuckle. Probably, even more, was the fact that I suddenly even saw a face. The white chocolate banana is one eye, the chocolate covered strawberry, the other. The cantaloupe rather than honeydew is the nose and the two red strawberries (with the kale as missing teeth) make up the mouth.

The fact that among Cheri’s questions around reflecting on, and isolating our values, were, “What brings you the greatest joy? What makes you laugh out loud?”

To hear her values discussion, as well as the one on finding and choosing a quote and using it as your theme for a year, download the broadcast at the Mastermind Principle of Giving.

Now, I invite you to sample the fruit, perhaps taking out a separate piece as you ponder each of the different queries.

Self-Reflecting Queries –
The following are reworded ever so slightly, thus I did not use quotation marks. Know that they are ALL attributed to Cheri Ruskus of Victory Circles. THANK YOU so VERY MUCH for your contribution, Cheri, from me for all of us. We appreciate your allowing us to experience them here.

Year End Questions

Make a list and write on the following:

1. What Successes have I Achieved in both my Business and Personal Life?

2. What Lessons have I learned this year?

3. Whose lives have I touched? In whose lives have I made a difference?

4. Who is it that has touched my life? What person or persons that have come in and made a difference for me?

(Sheila note: Since we often speak of acknowledgment here, I’ll take this one step further and invite you share with these individuals you uncover the difference they’ve made – in writing, in person or on the phone. Also remember to acknowledge yourself, when responding to number 3.)

5. What detours did I have to take along the way? (“Scenic or not so scenic,” stated smiling Cheri.)

6. What is important to me to complete by the end of this year?

7. What obstacles do I need to remove from my life in general and for completion?

8. Who can help me along my way?

9. What is MANDATORY, no ifs ands or buts, that I have to complete by the end of the year?

10 – What are my dreams for the year ahead?

As always I invite you to have fun with the photos and queries. Please share in the COMMENTS below, your experiences with them and what comes up for you.

(Note: Given I have so many links here for your convenience to Cheri’s work, I’m moved to share that I derive no benefit from this other than the satisfaction of sharing some great ideas for both you and me. There are times that I derive commissions from some of the services I share in Picture to Ponder. This is not one of them.)

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Gina-Dianne Harding December 22, 2011 at 10:15 am

The honeydew as a bent crooked nose would go with the missing kale tooth, Shelia. Congratulations on the Anniversary of Pictures to Ponder and many more years of stimulating your ever increasing readership to higher conscious thinking and feeling.


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