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by Sheila Finkelstein on June 14, 2012

Today’s Photos and Story –

The above pink tulip bud was first featured in Picture to Ponder more than seven years ago. How timeless and fresh it looks here today.

Yet it’s an image that could have been totally overlooked. It was in the midst of a plant I had purchased and put in the trunk of my car. When I opened the trunk this bud caught my eye and I went for the camera before the flower had a chance to open.

Seven years ago I wrote that the pink bud seemed to me “to be nestling comfortably in its ‘womb’, while preparing to shortly burst forth. I love the colors here and the sensuous curves.”

I commented that focusing in so closely, with my macro lens, resulted in no background diversions. The query that followed:
Are there areas in your life where you can unearth beauty or power, getting straight to the point, unconsciously eliminating the distractions?

Two years later, I wrote, “I love it for its sensuality as well as for the feeling of gentleness, love and protection that I get from it.”

And I asked: “What do you find most appealing?

Yesterday, it’s sensuality once again called to me as I was looking for an image for the Lifelong Romance Weekend at which I am exhibiting, wanting some of my own work in a gift basket. The tulip immediately popped out as being THE ONE for this all women retreat!

Below are two views of the resultant mug, now in my Nature Art Gift Shop. As you see it’s the same image. And do you get a difference in the feeling of it as we shift points of view?

pink tulip bud Love With No Regrets mug
pink tulip bud on love with no regrets mug looking at it from the right side

Today’s Relationship Tip
Sometimes all that’s necessary for expressing and feeling love is to stop whatever you are doing. Then quietly and soundlessly focus in on your loved one. Next gently fully embrace him or her. Create a sense of timelessness.

If you are alone, although it’s not quite the same, I invite you to similar actions. Pause and quietly appreciate and fully embrace yourself.

As always have fun and please post your experience in the Comments Section below.

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Have fun.

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