Focus and Direction – Alligator, Wood Stork, Turtle and Spatterdock Root – Picture to Ponder: vol 5 – issue 39

by Sheila Finkelstein on October 29, 2009

For whatever reason, I’m moved to integrate Today’s Photos and Self-Reflecting Queries as one unit in this issue. Your feedback on the format would be appreciated.

When I downloaded and looked at my photos from a recent walk along the boardwalk in Green Cay Wetlands, I realized that it has been a while since I featured water photographs here in Picture to Ponder. Given the healing power of water, I wanted to bring some back.

So I started a search in my computer. Rather than spend an extensive amount of time on it, I decided to go with the first couple that appealed to me in the moment. (Be sure to scroll down to see all three photos.)

In line with my generally striving for perfectionism, I invite you to reflect on your life for a moment or two. Do you find yourself often spending an extensive amount of time looking for the “perfect” person, food, solution, picture….?

Alligator and Wood Stork in Green Cay Wetlands

Both are seemingly at peace. Although not a particularly great composition, this photo, for me, is symbollic of the heavy concentration of a lot of different things in one area of my life, with paths wandering into the unknown just beyond.

Where is your focus when you look at this photo? When you look at your life? Weighted in one area? Meandering? Balanced?

I wish I could share with you the photos I took of the little boy, ultimately on his father’s shoulders, excitedly pointing to and talking about the activities that had been in the scene in front of us with this alligator and the tri-colored heron “taunting” him.

I did not think to get permission to make the photos public, so I will be content with the reinforcement I got, as I experienced progressively “better” photographs as Tyler became engaged in conversation and forgot the camera and posing for it. It is treasured moments like this, along with memorable photos, that are one of the things that will be available for Moms in the upcoming Point and Shoot Photo Telecourse for Moms. (If you are a mom with young children, or know one who is, please check out the link and forward the page information.)

Turtle on a Spatterdock Root in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

When I looked closely at this photo, I noticed that the turtle is looking away from us. Are you maintaining eye contact with people with whom you’re interacting? Or, are your eyes wandering, seemingly not paying attention, even if you are? And, back to projects, as mentioned above – Are you focused or distracted?

Those of you into NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I’m sure, can expand on an answer based on the direction in which the turtle is looking.

Spatterdock Root and Leaves in Wakodahatchee Weltands

This root, with its strong angular direction, in this picture seems to want to move off the page. Yet the smaller green parts of it are freely flowing back. The vertical part and its reflection provide an anchor.

I like the overall flow and movement in the scene. Are you in tune with the flow and direction of your life? The rhythms? The anchors?

As I inserted the final photograph for today, I noticed that each of the images is moving on a diagonal from lower right, toward the upper left. I’m wondering if any of our readers have any thoughts on that… “meanings” you would like to add. If so, please post on the blog.

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Barbara Weiss October 30, 2009 at 9:06 am

I feel like the Wood Stark. I am try desperately to find a peaceful
place in my life, but the alligator is coming to get me no matter
how hard I try. I also can identify with the turtle. I am very
slow. Effort to move, but you know, the turtle always wins the


Lily December 10, 2009 at 12:37 pm

great site!
these pictures will help me for my school poster on animals of the everglades!



Sheila Finkelstein December 10, 2009 at 1:06 pm

Glad to be of help, Lily. Thanks for letting us know.

The blog post on December 9th – – has a turtle covered with duckweed you might be of interest.

Would love to see your finished poster if you can take a photo and sent a .jpg of it. Send a description and
the .jpg and I’ll post it.


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