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by Sheila Finkelstein on January 26, 2012

Today’s issue of Picture to Ponder is revision of Issue 108, May 24, 2005, when I was doing four issues a week. You’ll see, as you look below, that the subject of today’s featured photograph is my feet in my late, beloved husband Sam’s lap, as he used my legs for a “table” on which to write. I’m thinking there is some reason, the reminder of this photo came up for me this week, so I’m going with my gut and using it and the story.

Feet of Sheila Finkelstein in the lap of Sam FinkelsteinSam was the original photographer in the family. See B&W Photos. If he were alive today, we would be celebrating his 80th birthday this coming Sunday, January 29th.

Given so much of who I am today comes out of our 47-year loving marriage, his support of my ongoing, changing interests and our ultimate combined areas of activity, it seems fitting that we honor him here today. For, in effect, you, who appreciate Picture to Ponder, are also indirectly benefiting from his contribution to me/us.

Today’s Photo Story
The photo of my feet in Sam’s lap, as he rests a notebook on my legs while writing, was one of those totally unplanned actions and photos. I was interviewing him for my Artist-of-the-Month column in our community newsletter and doing my own note taking as I rested my feet. (See INTERVIEW, if you are curious about the article and learning more about him.)

Those of you who have been subscribing for some time, know Sam had been afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease. The most challenging consequence from which he suffered was his oftentimes inability to verbalize his thoughts, much of the time struggling to get his words out. I generally got even more frustrated with this than he and would often simply say, “Forget it!”

In order to do the article though, I needed the information, so I suggested he write it down. My legs became the “perfect” table, since my feet were already in his lap.

We peacefully sat, each doing our own writing, when I glanced up and was suddenly “taken with the scene.” I naturally went for the camera and we were fortunately able to recreate the positions and carry on naturally as I started photographing.

Sam’s spontaneous humor kicked in when we looked at the photos later. His first comment on seeing this one was, “I always wanted to be a podiatrist!” (Not so; simply joking.) What might have ordinarily been a very agitating time turned into one of peace and pleasure, one that even today, seven years later brings smiles as I revist the photo and the memory.

Self-Reflecting Queries –
As I look back, when Picture to Ponder first started it did have questions integrated into each issue. Sometime in June, I separated them out to be in a Self-Reflecting Queries section. In May 2005 I asked:

“Where in your life can you look at things from a totally different point of view?

Where can you bring play into them? And, is your camera handy, as well as your pen and paper?”

Interesting how the questions have been consistent over the seven plus years, wouldn’t you agree?

AND, for this particular issue where I’m honoring Sam and the relationship we had, I invite you to look at a relationship in your life. Find one particular time that you can look back on that brings back memories of peaceful and loving communication. What elements made it so?

Now I invite you to go one step further and pay attention in the next few days to a situation which has deep love and communication as an integral part of it, one that you can continue to preserve and take into the future. How will you do that?

And, if you are up to a great challenge, observe something happening with a negative charge. Then stop and see what kind of shift you can make to turn it, too, into a positive.

Lastly, if you are willing, please share it with us in the COMMENTS below. As always have fun with the photos and queries.

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