Distortions and Reflections Openings to Clarity – Picture to Ponder – v7 issue 8

by Sheila Finkelstein on February 24, 2011

window distortions and reflections 1

Today’s post of Picture to Ponder has been delayed because of my “need” to revise the Through and From The Lens telecourse information/registration page. My focus has been on my “stuckness” in its having the “just right” (or “perfect”) words and images so that visitors get a full experience of the value the program will add to their lives.

Participants in the last course expressed delight at finding they now have a new tool for simultaneous relaxation and re-energizing. Their enthusiasm increased as they began seeing things in new ways. Both newbies to their cameras, and those customarily using them, are excited with the new possibilities that develop for sharing and displaying their photos, including using them in blog posts and other public places.

Depending on when you click on the above link, will determine whether you see the current page or the revised one. I will be sending out an update in the next couple of days.

Given the statements above, Today’s Featured Photos seem symbolic to me of what’s been going on in my life, perhaps yours also.

The explanation and “story” is beneath the photographs. This way you can experience the images yourself, without interference, drawing your own conclusions and interpretations.

distorted patio door reflections

Photo Description and Details –
The photographs were taken through my living room glass door, looking outside and beyond, capturing the backyard views through the patio window and screen.

The distorted reflections in the rearmost windows that caught my eye are those of the storm shutters (folded back) flanking the patio door from my kitchen, at right angles to the window through which we are looking.

The bottom photo is a reflection through the open door that’s, perhaps, 15 feet behind me. The red that we see is a bush in front of my house. The slightly larger one is in front of the house across the street!!! Distance seems to have collapsed completely.

The large green plants, in both the middle and bottom photographs, are in a bed in the back of my yard, probably 15 feet or more from the window. The tree in the middle photo is not too far beyond my house.

I present all of these details for those who may have a similar curiosity to mine. Reflections sometimes fascinate me, especially when they reflect something not visible to my range of view.

If someone were to explain it to me, I might or might not retain it for future situations. What becomes/remains most important to me is the exerience of seeing. That is the emphasis in the TFTL courses.

The Story Behind All of the Above
is simply that as I was leaving my house from the front, I happened to glance “out back.” The reflected shutter distortions, highlighted by the angle of the sun, grabbed my eye. I then heard my “little voice”, “Get your camera.” This time it added, “There might be a Picture to Ponder feature here.”

Thus, Today’s Self-Reflecting Queries
Are there situations in your life which your might be viewing through distorted lenses? Perhaps you are making up stories about what’s happening.

Are there things in your life, as we see in the pictures, where the distance between reality and fiction has collapsed and become one?

Are there so many elements in them, that whole scenarios have become been unclear? Where are your distortions?

For me, in my Through and From The Lens sales page, part of the distortions come from my trying to FIT what I present into ALL of the messages I’ve been receiving on how I think others are saying it “should be.”

What if I were to let it all go, simply get into action and intend that it simply flow easily?

How about you? If you found something that fit for you in the above, is there a distortion, or other thing, you are willing to let go?

As always, have fun, and please share on the blog what comes up for you.

Introductory call to Through and From The Lens Telecourse Tuesday, March 1 at 8:30 PM US Eastern Time

A highlight, for me, from the January course was my discovery of FreeSee. It enables us all, at the same time, to view on our computers what every other participant is seeing. This is most helpful as we view individuals’ photos from the between-week explorations. I am also able to easily show you how to use Flickr, especially helpful for those who learn best visually.

I am also able to quickly demo “How To’s” with various editing and posting tools. Most importantly we can quickly grasp using Flickr.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above, please join me on Tuesday evening. The call will take place on a conference line into which you would call.  If you prefer, you can use Skype.

The session will be somewhat open-ended, giving you the opportunity to ask questions about my work and how you, too, can use your camera to expand your vision.

In order to get the link for entering the meeting, plus the call in details, simply click on Intro Registration. You will be asked to CONFIRM your interest before the information can be sent to to you.

I look forward to connecting with you in a new way!

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Deborah Lee February 24, 2011 at 4:50 pm

Love the first image. Looks like a Dali painting!


Sheila Finkelstein February 25, 2011 at 8:37 am

Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I’m loving the image even more as I see it through your eyes.


Rose February 25, 2011 at 7:49 am

Hi Sheila,
I hurriedly deleted as many mails in my bulging inbox this morning as I could, trying to get down to the day’s real work. This mail opened and I glanced at the three photos intending to read the text later. So, initially, I didn’t see a house or reflections.
My impression was of railway lines stretching ahead as I entered the picture from bottom upwards. I took momentary delight that the tracks were bendy and I wasn’t going to get railroaded into anything, then my gaze fell on the second picture and I saw the tracks distorted and super imposed by a crashed train. (The plant reflection.) In the third photo, the ‘tracks’ are overgrown and unused, saying, ‘This too will pass.’
The vibrant red flowers in the centre reminded me that often things turn out for the best, even if not exactly how you foresaw it.
I’m glad I stopped to read your text and reply. Now my day’s work can begin with my mind in a more reflective mood. Destressing express-style!


Sheila Finkelstein February 25, 2011 at 8:39 am

Fascinating response and description, Rose. Thanks for sharing it in detail here.

Amazing what experiencing photographs can do for us. I so appreciate your sharing your response with us, including the difference spending time with the pictures made in your day.


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