Differing Perspectives – Is Close-Up Confrontation – Picture to Ponder – v6-issue 15

by Sheila Finkelstein on April 15, 2010

One thing I’ve neglected to mention in the past two postings,  in relation to Parkinson’s Awareness Month, all profits from sales off products with Tulip images in my Nature Art Gift Shop will be donated to the April Walk-A-Thon fund – 100% for research. See TULIPS The top three folders contain tulip products.

Today’s Photos
Amaryllis in the American Orchid Society greenhouse in Delray
Beach, FL

group of amaryllis

closeup of Amaryllis

amaryllis closer up

Today’s Photos’ Story
As I was enjoying viewing and photographing Phalaenopsis orchids on a recent visit to the AOS gardens, I glanced ahead and over to my left and was immediately captivated by these flowers. They were larger than any of the surrounding orchids and it was the first time that I had seen Amaryllis there, either in the greenhouse or on the grounds.

I’ve been in conflict on which of the many photographs I took that day to share here. I finally decided to go with the sequence above. Many of you who answered the survey made note of having become more tuned in to looking at things and images from different perspectives, the recurring theme in many issues of Picture to Ponder.

Insofar as my own responses, I love the top photo for the dramatic (“Come look at me,” from the front flower) and the joyful (“Let’s play together in a circle”) feeling I get from the “landscape” view.

By the time I get down to the third flower, not surprisingly, I see a “face” two, almost squinting eyes, anyway. I get lost in the fourth photo, not sure I want to be there. It’s almost a relief to get back up to the first photo.

Self-Reflecting Queries
For today, I invite you to take time with each of the Amaryllis photographs, individually. Make note, perhaps in writing, of what comes up for you, as you VIEW each image.

I then invite you to compare your responses with my observations.
I suggest this as opportunity for you to be directly aware of probable differences of experience and the okay-ness of each.

Were there differences? Did you prefer the full view, intermediate or close-up? And, there might not be a preference at all since each response might have been unique for you.

For fun, you might share these photos and queries with someone else and compare responses, yours, theirs and mine. This is, of course, one more way of tuning into and ACCEPTING that all perceptions and perspectives have value.

As always, have fun with this and please post your comments below.

Note: As I was doing my final edit, the word “confront” popped into my mind. I wonder if that was the experience for me with the last photo.

What about you? Did you find it all confrontational? If so,
how do you respond when confronted? Obviously, I withdraw, since I went back to the “happy” photo.


pink tulip magnet
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Lauren Strouse April 21, 2010 at 4:14 pm

Love the amarylis! Such beautiful photos. A friend gave me an amarylis for Christmas two years ago – it was a deep, deep red, very velvety looking. Have been trying to get it to bloom again outside, but just about the time the bud starts to show something keeps eating it! It is now sending up a second shoot however so I am going to repot, put on the front deck, and get some slug bait since I think they may be the responsible culprits – don’t like to use the stuff, but I want to see this beautiful flower again! As always, I appreciate your photos and queries!


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