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by Sheila Finkelstein on February 14, 2014

The giant, almost 7-foot spider web encountered in very early January seems the perfect place to start this overdue post. Initially the web was almost invisible, as so much of happenings in our lives are. And when we stop to study the web, we see so many almost perfect paths emanating from and going back to the center core… ours and, in this case, the spider itself!

Nonchalantly walking in my neighborhood in the dark of the night, I suddenly caught myself just before I walked into web. It extended from a mailbox on the curb to a somewhat high branch on a tree beyond the sidewalk a few feet into a lawn.

Fortunately, I always travel with my iPhone in my pocket, especially if I’m walking at night (in my gated community). I took it out and started photographing.

The invitation
Before I go any further with this issue’s messages and photos, it’s my pleasure to invite those of you available to join me and others in an online interactive, face-to-face meeting with screen sharing.

Starting this upcoming Monday, February 17th at from 11 AM to Noon, US Eastern time I am starting free, Open Q&A Mondays.

It is and will be an opportunity for Seniors especially, and anyone else, to share information and get simple questions answered on using the technology available today for the average person for easy and fun communication.

This week, through experiencing it, I will be introducing using This is a free program, easy to download and use for gatherings of up to 25 family, friends and/or colleagues for 40 minutes without charge. I will also be answering any other questions that come up.

I’m thinking, too, that it would be a great opportunity for us to meet face-to-face. Many of you have been friends in the Picture to Ponder community for many years and, of course, there are those of you more recent whom I would also love to meet.

How-to details and links are at the end of this email.

Now back to the spider web. I’m thinking it is strong and powerful enough for you to come up with your own interpretations and reflections.

“Front” view and “Back” View

Firm and solid from whichever direction we look.

Self-Reflecting Queries

I invite you to look into your life and see where your relationships with yourself and those people in your lives have the same firm, closely-knit foundations and interconnections. Then acknowledge and celebrate them.

Your thoughts are welcome in comments on the expanded post on the TYLN blog.

SOME OF THE HISTORY – THE STORY behind what’s happened, been happening, in my life and this Picture to Ponder – Treasure Your Life Now ezine….

To those who had been regularly looking forward to the weekly, then bi-weekly, mailings, it’s become obvious that I’ve been dragging and remiss in posting photos and writing.  Picture to Ponder started out, and continued for 7 or more years, as a sharing of images that caught my eye and the ponderings and “Self-Reflecting Queries” that came up after.

I’ve expanded on the background, history and update on Picture to Ponder – Treasure Your Life Now on the reactivated blog.

See TYLN History Post if you’re interested in what’s been happening with:
1 – my camera.
2 – attempting to fit into others’ expectations as well as my own.
3 – relationship tips.
4 – why stories are important.

and where/how
6 – NANCY DREW fit in.

I’ve even included comments on some of my favorite TV shows. Will you be surprised?

7- The reason I’m passionate about technology, enough of it anyway so connecting with others is fun and easy.

I conclude with the invitation for you to explore all the ways you can, and do, TREASURE YOUR LIFE NOW.

You can see it all by clicking on History/Update Post.

Now back to the earlier mentioned Q&A Mondays –

You can join me and other subscribers and friends from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. All that is necessary is a one-time download of the app.

In the expanded blog post I explain my passion around using Zoom, especially for connecting my family. On December 25th more than 20 of my cousins and their “kids” from around the world were able to “party.” We were in seven or eight different geographic locations. Nothing is more important to me than family and the ability to communicate and share love in actions and words.

You can get a taste of this connecting by joining in on Monday.

To join simply click on this URL – You will be guided in downloading the application if not already installed.

You can also call from a dial-in phone line: Dial: +1 (415) 762-9988 or +1 (646) 568-7788 Meeting ID: 506 101 856

If you want to understand more about what Zoom is and does, you can click on the link for my tutorial on How to Join a Zoom Meeting. I also did a full post on How to Use Zoom. The latter also shows how to run your own meetings.

If you want a reminder on Monday’s meeting or notifications and reminders of future meetings, please use the form on

Input From You Please

As always, have fun with the photos and questions. Please share in the comments below your experiences with what comes up for you, how you are Treasuring Your Life now.
And, certainly, if you have Zoom questions not answered in the links above, feel free to write to me by replying to this email.

I look forward to actually SEEING you online!

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Brenda March 7, 2014 at 8:46 am

LOVE your spiderweb!!! 🙂 I never got to meet you with our Heart of Mother Earth get together. THose women are all so dear to my heart. Met them at a retreat in Loxahatchee and they shared with me about different meanings of sighting’s in nature, universe symbolism, such intimate free flowing refreshing thoughts. Just like i am reading here ((hugs)) Love on my friend


Sheila Finkelstein March 9, 2014 at 9:35 am

Thanks so much for your comments, Brenda. I look forward to our connecting in the future.


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