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by Sheila Finkelstein on June 15, 2011

From time to time in Picture to Ponder, I’ve mentioned being in a weekly writing group where we each write for four minutes on prompts from quotes. On occasion we’ll use one of my photographs. It’s amazing what can be written in that short amount of time. Yesterday, I came across something I wrote a few weeks ago and thought it would be a great for today’s issue of Picture to Ponder.

“You are the laboratory and every day is the experiment. Go and find what is new and unexpected.” Joel Elkes.

My response follows
Today’s Picture to Ponder Photo, a dramatic, surprise discovery which brought me joy.

reflections, light and shadows - Colored candle holders on kitchen table

Immediately, upon walking into my western-exposure kitchen late in the afternoon, these backlit glass candle holders caught my attention. It was all-inclusive, the light through the glass, their reflections, as well as the shadows cast from the trees outside.

Again, “You are the laboratory and every day is the experiment. Go and find what is new and unexpected.”

My Unedited Response
“This quote seems to sum up the joy, the spark in my life, that which fuels it. Seems when I am most excited and alive is when I am finding the new and unexpected. It energizes me, sparks me as I said, albeit at times it’s not much beyond momentarily… the charge that is.

I am a discoverer. Even my son noted that this is what most excites me in life, discovering new things, then sharing them with others. Now, if only I were to remember that. Post it on my mirrors. Remind myself I am the laboratory.

The laboratory for a life well-lived, relationships that zing, mutual respect and love, including with oneself. A business that thrives should that be what one wants. Lives for all fulfilled, joyous, free and at peace with self and others.

What are all the new and unexpected things people will find when they come into Sheila Finkelstein’s Laboratory for Life?”

Self-Reflecting Queries
I invite you to look into your life and certainly, if you wish, write to the quote. In any case, consider:

What might you deem yourself to be the “laboratory” of?

What is the new and unexpected with which you choose to experiment?

Please view this also as an opportunity for self-acknowledgment.

Today’s Photos Continued
As I paused and was with the images from the candles holder above, I started noticing the rhythm and play on the table of the light and the shadows from outside.

I then switched to video mode on my iPhone camera and videoed the scene from two different perspectives. Click on the images below to see the 40 second videos on YouTube.

light reflections and shadows
Click Image to See Video

light reflections and shadows horizontal view
Click Image to See Video

Which do you find more restful? The vertical or the horizontal? Usually in art, it is the horizontal direction, something you might want to consider in framing your photos.

Discovery Result from Last Week’s Issue

Subscriber Donna Bath, responded on the blog to last week’s photos that the “Architecture in car lights” reminded here of the work of the architect Frank Gehry.

I then Googled him. What fascinating structures, some seemingly impossible to be actual buildings. You can see for yourself.

Check out the link in my response on the Photos of Car Lights post. Scroll down to COMMENTS or go directly to Gehry Architecture. Thank you for your contribution, Donna.

and, one more Self-Reflecting Query
As you consider the “Laboratory of You”, what kinds of subjects send you down the path of research and discovery?

Who are your “Lab” partners?

As always, have fun, and please share in the Comments below what comes up for you.

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