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by Sheila Finkelstein on December 1, 2011

As I was going through some old online albums, I came across this series of Tropical Water Lily photos. Although I am not sure where they were taken, I’m giving credit to the American Orchid Society which, as of Wednesday, 11/30, no longer owns the grounds and gardens in Delray Beach. Thus they will no longer be open to the public. I paid my last visit on Tuesday and was the next-to-last one out before the doors were locked.

If you missed the story of AOS and the significance to me and Picture to Ponder subscribers, see AOS Closing. Among other topics in that issue, I mentioned my first acquaintanceship with the Purple Tropical Water Lily and shared some products on which I used one particular image.

I invite you to to spend time with each Purple Water Lily below to more fully experience each view.

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos

purple tropical water llily - open to possibility

Opening to Possibility






Self-Reflecting Queries –
Above we see seven views of the same flower, each from a slightly different perspective. I invite you to look at them and then into your own life.

Where are you most comfortable? From the outside as almost an observer of your life; midway; or getting really close? Do you find yourself making up more stories from one perspective over another?

From what vantage point do most of the “stories” you tell yourself come? What happens when you view another person and/or his/her ideas? Do you take time to check out different perspectives when being with another person or situation?

Also, in a slightly different conversation, the fourth photo down has what seemed to me to be an annoying piece of debris. It’s only when I was working with the photos that I looked more closely and saw what seemed to be two legs.

It left me wondering if was some kind of insect. Again, go to this post on the blog for all the photos, or check this one only by clicking on Water Lily and Insect.

I’m still wondering if it is an insect and the point here is, “How often do we take something for granted that we think is annoying and not even bother to go further?” What might open up for us if we shifted that automatic response?

As always I invite you to have fun with these, and please share in the COMMENTS below your experience with these photos and what comes up for you.

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Linda Gipson December 1, 2011 at 6:26 pm

It certainly looks like a dragon fly… but where are his wings? It wouldn’t be a preying mantis, would it? In any case, the interior colors are rich and glorious, and the water lilies enchanting! Linda Gipson


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