Change in Focus and Perspective as Seen in Orange White Daisy – Picture to Ponder – V7-issue 13

by Sheila Finkelstein on March 30, 2011

Today’s photographs once again point out what’s possible by changing focus and shifting perspectives. Even the slightest change can make a difference.

Today’s Photos

orange and white daisy in a vase

white curl in orange white daisy center

An orange and white daisy that was part of a bouquet of flowers a visiting friend gifted me.

I like the movement in the top photo, including the curve in the one green leaf. It partially frames the flower and repeats some of the shapes.

The white curlicue, unopened petals in the center caught my eye, so I zoomed in. There is a nice balance of white and color in the middle photo and we still can enjoy the center white.

In the bottom photo I got so close, it’s mainly the green and the brilliance of the orange that holds the attention. Though there and obvious, if looking for it, the unopened white petals take a “back seat.”

Self-Reflecting Queries
I invite you to pause to look at something in your life, visually or internally. First look at it from the broad view. What is it that most attracts your attention?

Now close in on and focus on that for a bit. Does it change in anyway? If so, is there any action that you are moved to take?

Lastly, move in even closer. Again, are there changes? Does another element become more important?

And, if you noticed differences, is there anything you can take from this exercise to use in the situation you were studying or in another?

As always, have fun, and please share in the comments below what comes up for you.

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