Celebrating Self and Others during Holidays and Anniversaries – Treasure Your Life Now – v8-45

by Sheila Finkelstein on December 7, 2012

For the next 10 days, in celebration of the upcoming holidays, my birthday AND the 8th birthday of Treasure Your Life Now (TYLN was launched on December 9, 2004 as the “almost Daily” Picture to Ponder ezine) there is a 30% celebratory savings on Banana Sky DVD, making it only $7.

banana sky dvd headerBANANA SKY DVD
Healing Photography and music for relaxation and stress-relief. The DVD plays on a TV DVD player or your computer.

If you have been following Photography and Transformation for the past several years, and even less, you are probably aware that I do very little product promotion. As you read the following, I invite you to consider how what I’m experiencing and expressing may fit for you in areas of your own life.

In reflecting, now, on promoting or not, I realize that I do you a disservice by not reminding you, or even making you aware of for the first time, the art work and products I do have for sale. When I separate myself from my own limiting self-beliefs and look at some of my past work with detached eyes, I am often moved and inspired. So, “Why,” I wonder, “do I not give you the same opportunity?”

Am I really being fair to you or myself by not sharing, allowing my “fears” that there are people who will unsubscribe and mark any such email from me as “spam”?

Coming from doing you a disservice, I will be bold and go beyond my self-imposed restrictions today and listen to others. “Every time I see your pictures in my guest room, I smile with joy,” Ron Baron.

Thus, I invite you, if you are still shopping for yourself and/or others for holiday gifts, to check out my Nature Art Gifts site – http://natureartgifts.com. The page links to several of my inspirational art product sites.

During a weekly masterminding call this week, when I spoke of not particularly enjoying birthdays, holidays and other celebratory events, my buddy Marifran Korb suggested that I look at one inner gift each of the 8 days during the upcoming Hanuakkah holiday. She went further to recommend dwelling on many inner gifts each day. I invite you to do the same no matter what holiday you might or might not be celebrating.

Today’s Photos

growing banana stems looking like out of space critters

Banana pod leaf curl with rain water pool - photo for Banana Sky DVD disk cover

Light and shadows with banana tree leaves and arica palms with Banana Sky DVD

Given we’re celebrating with Banana Sky DVD, it seems fitting to feature three of my favorite photos from the 99 photos in the DVD. On August 11, 2009, I wrote the following. For more on the story of the DVD you can go to that blog post – Volume 5 – Issue 29

The first photograph is of the bottom ends of a bunch of growing bananas on the tree. By the time you and I get the ripened, or almost ripened, bananas we purchase, these happy “critters” have shriveled and dried up.

Though I continue to refer to it as a tree, the banana plant, I discovered, is actually an herb.
I especially love the middle image, photographed after a rainstorm. It is one of the “petals” of the banana pod holding a pool of rain water. When ready, the petals gradually unfurl one-by-one, to reveal a row of infant bananas that each has been protecting.

The bottom photograph is a view from underneath the “tree”, as I looked up through the leaves toward the sky. The shadows are reflections of Arica palms behind the banana plant. I’ve kept this particular photo as my desktop background and used it for the disk label. It represents the peace and serenity I got from viewing the photographs.

You can see how the bottom two photos are used in the packaging by clicking on “Rotate Case” on the ORDER page or see a video preview and testimonials on the BANANA SKY DVD OVERVIEWpage.

Self-Reflecting Queries and Relationship Tips
Today’s issue is about celebration, in particular celebrating yourself in relation to others. That process, both directly, and indirectly, involves taking a stand for yourself, not holding out on others.

I invite you to look into your life. Are there areas where you have been denying your own strengths, gifts, and contributions?

One way of seeing and reinforcing them for yourself is to ask some of your friends and family what they observe your gifts to be. I invite you to take this on and actually do an inquiry.

What can you be doing to strengthening your own relationship with yourself?

Relationship Tip – The more you love and believe in yourself, the more you can support, be a friend and a lover to those close to you.

Once again I invite you to take on Marifran Korb’s recommendation, “look at one inner gift each of the next 8 days or dwell on many inner gifts each day.”

You might make the experience even richer by inviting an accountability buddy to do the same for him or herself and then daily sharing your experience with each other.

As always, have fun, and please post what comes up for you in the COMMENTS section below.

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