Celebrating – Lilies, Egret Feathers, Self – Picture to Ponder – Vol 5 – Issue 12

by Sheila Finkelstein on April 7, 2009

Egret with feather spread

Orange lily and chrysanthemums

Today’s Picture to Ponder Photos
The upper photo – A White Egret spreading his Mating Feathers in Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach FL – In addition to the delicate feathers, note the intensified color in the beak of the Egret.

The lower photo- A Lily with White and Orange Chrysanthemums behind it – I particularly like the lighting here. Note the shadows of the stamen on the petal on the left.

Seemingly an odd combination of photos, these both represent this season of Spring and its upcoming holidays.

Today’s Self-Reflecting Queries
Basically, as I ponder it, the essence of today’s Picture to Ponder has become about CELEBRATION – celebrating a book launch, holidays, Nature and life and opportunities for celebrating ourselves.

In choosing to once again lead Through and From the Lens Teleclasses, I’m realizing it’s an opportunity for you to celebrate yourself – perhaps a part of you heretofore unknown to you – AND I’m actually honoring myself by doing this.

When she read my announcement, past participant Blaise Allen wrote, “I’m so happy you are doing this again! You were meant to teach this course.”

I now invite you to take a few minutes to reflect on, “What is it about yourself that you can celebrate?” Perhaps in your relationship with yourself, with others, your talents….You fill in the blanks. What would you like to celebrate? Are there people in your life whom you would also like to celebrate?

What is it that you are meant to be doing? Are you doing it?

And, after answering these questions for yourself, what actions, if any, are you willing to take? And, though it may sound “heavy” in my writing, be sure you include fun in whatever comes up for you.

Lastly, as always, when you’re finished, I invite you to share your experience with today’s photos and writing on the blog. See the instructions below if you need help.

Happy Holidays to all of you who are celebrating one in the next week.

Experience Life through the Lens of Your Inner Artist
We all have an artist within. You may agree with this or be skeptical. In either case, THROUGH AND FROM THE LENS teleclasses could be for you. Through the use of your camera, group interaction with participants and some suggested writing, classes provide the opportunity for you to start seeing your worlds, both inner and outer, in new and different ways, leading to increased creativity, self-confidence and much more.

Classes take place on a telephone conference call line and by email in a 4 week series – Your choice days – Mondays at 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EDT, starting April 27th or nights – Wednesdays from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT, starting April 29th – (See WORLD TIME to match the times in your geographic location)

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Marifran April 8, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Dear Sheila,
What struck me about the photos was the texture. The soft textures of the egret’s wings and body are extemely feminine. It makes me conjure a feathery boa that is lacy, though I know of none like that.

While physically the flowers are soft to the touch, they have a sharper visual than the egret’s.

CONGRATULATIONS on all your successes. You have a whole lot to celebrate.

What I am celebrating now is being a subscriber as you open my world to new ways of perceiving. Given what gifts I get from this e-zine, I am thrilled to be registered for your exciting telecourse. For me, it will mean four weeks of heightened celebration.
Joy to you,


Sheila Finkelstein April 8, 2009 at 12:54 pm

Great observations on the photos, Marifran, and what a “sweet”, and appreciated comment, on your upcoming participation in Through and From the Lens telecourse.

Continued Inspiration and joy,

With love and appreciation,



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