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by Sheila Finkelstein on December 19, 2012

As you read and ponder the photos in this week’s post, I invite you to keep “play” in the forefront of your “listening.”

Two years ago, in the first sharing of these photos and experience, I wrote:
“For many, holidays present challenging times, especially when loved ones are absent or gone. From what I’ve experienced myself, and seen in others, we’ll often spend time a good amount of time dwelling on what’s missing and the sadness and loneliness of that.

What I’ve discovered is that ultimately staying in that state certainly does not make me feel any better. To make a conscious shift, I may start listing mentally, or on paper, that for which I am grateful. I will sometimes go further and directly express gratitude to another person if it fits and is feasible.”

Kaitlyn behind a glass

Today – Over the past year or so my relationship with my camera has changed. I sometimes think that I’ve almost lost interest in it and perhaps it’s not quite that. In any case, what occurred as I read experienced the photos below, is a vivid reminder of how changing our focus, can rapidly shift our moods.

 The photo above was take during a “celebrating-my-birthday” lunch with my granddaughter Kaitlyn. The camera was with me and, being involved in conversation as we ate, I stayed pretty much focused on our discussions. Toward the end of lunch, though, I decided to see if there was anything visually interesting that I might photograph.

I took some pictures of her above her glass and then decided to focus on the glass itself.

It was when I zoomed in on the imagery in the glass that the photographs became interesting.

In the first photo below we see a wide variety of pleasing textures and soft colors. I’m moved to stay in it for a while and yet the dark line (her drinking straw) almost cuts the picture in half, falling outside the principles of good design.

patterns in glass - Kaitlyn is behind

So, as you see below, I thus cropped the larger photo with the straw repositioned in different places in each of the two other photos.

Alternative Perspectives in Today’s photos

ripples and textures - Kaitlyn through glass

kaitlyn through the ripples and textures of liquid in a glass

Do you see or feel a difference in the three photos (actually four, considering the original)?

Self-Reflecting Queries –
If you’ve been a subscriber to Picture to Ponder you know that I often pull out the camera at times when I’m feeling “off”. Once I start noticing and paying attention to what’s outside of myself I will experience a shift. Sometimes it’s immediate. At other times it may take up to 5 different “snapshots” for the mood alteration to occur.

So, you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with this issue’s photos?” I was in a great mood two years ago when I started photographing AND I had simply been feeling flat around using the camera. Yet I felt I “should” be taking pictures since it was my birthday and a special occasion

Once I set the intention, looked around, and then focused in on the glass, I began having even more energy. And when I worked with the photos on my computer a few days later, I was re-energized by the simple steps of working creatively.

After a much longer story than usual about me, here in the SRQs, I invite you to look into your own life.

Do you have tools and practices in place for elevating your mood when you are down, assuming that undoubtedly that state does kick in at some point for you also?

What are they?

Do you share your experiences with others?

Relationship Tip
Focus in and find some imagery with which you can have fun. Then share it with another.

Notice how many different perspectives you can each find. How many ways can you have fun with this?

Then make note of this experience to mentally bring back during times you might need a lift.

Lastly remember to acknowledge things for which you are grateful.

kaitlyn has fun

I am most grateful for the privilege of having enjoyed birthday celebration lunches with Kaitlyn for the past three years!

She loves having fun with whatever shows up. Above is a photo from this year’s play date. Taken with my iPhone camera, I had further fun playing with a Snapseed, an iPhone app. And it brings a smile each time I look at it and her.

Happy Holidays with many pleasurable memories and pictures to hold onto for future uplifting.

As always, have fun and please share your experiences in the COMMENTS section below.

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