Candle, Distractions, Creativity and Fear – Picture to Ponder – v6 – issue 38

by Sheila Finkelstein on September 30, 2010

Last week’s Gerber Daisies and Letting Go of Attachments issue of Picture to Ponder generated a greater than usual response on the blog with some very poignant and creative statements, including two poems. I encourage you check them out at DAISY COMMENTS.

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Also, if you are one who enjoyed the daisies, I have a “smashing” photo of a yellow Gerber Daisy on several products in my gift shop. See the section after today’s Queries for that image and opportunities.

Lastly for this section, I will probably be mentioning this during the next month, I am excited about participating in CREATE THE IMPOSSIBLE, a 30-day program set-up by Michael Neill, author of YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT, a book I’m thoroughly enjoying. If the thought of “Creating the Impossible” intrigues you, you can find more information at the above link. Click on UPCOMING EVENTS in the black horizontal menu bar near the top of that page for details.

Today’s Featured Photos

Multi-colore candle burning in a pot

lit candle with triangular shapes

Top photo is a fat candle in a ceramic dish in a pot. I love the colors and feeling of it. The lower photo is an originally small, square candle in a ceramic dish on a brass table.

Today’s Photos Story
Last week in one of the smaller groups set up in Adela Rubio’s Conscious Business Tribe program of which I am a member, Dianne led a visualization around a “sacred fire” for honoring the Autumn Equinox.

The exercise included imagining writing on a piece of paper one thing we would like we’d like to let go of in this next quarter and on another, one thing we would like to magnetize to ourselves in the next. This was to be tossed into the visualized fire in the middle of a circle of people, then watched as it burned, each with a different result; the first as it was it was “cleansed” and moved up “into the ethers.”

(Note – Dianne has a wonderful voice and may soon be having audio meditations on her website, Stone Haven Wellness. In the meantime if you contact her from site, she might provide you with the transcript for the meditation and definitely more details on it.)

After the exercise several of the group members were talking about ceremonial fires they done, including creating a small fire within a deep pot in the home. I was yearning to participate and I suddenly remembered a pot in my garage that hadn’t made it to the recycling center. “Deep pot, all well and good,” thought I before the fear of a possible fire set in for me.

I then recalled a fat candle, given to me as a gift years ago, that I’d occasionally lit. It was in a ceramic dish I had made and obviously wasn’t going to get too hot or burn anything other than itself. I decided since the pot was quite deep and the paper pieces small they were not likely to result in a flame that would go beyond the containers. I thus “went for it.”

After simply “being” with the candle and the experience for a while, I became absorbed with what was happening with the papers, not disintegrating (obviously the melting wax was holding them), and the changes in the candle, which had been completely round when I started. Not surprisingly, I went for my camera and started videoing the flame as well as taking still shots. (You can see more photos, next day included, and the video on the blog.)

Intrigued with candles now, the next day I decided to light a different candle, planning to sit quietly with it and meditate. I picked up, smaller candle, as seen in the lower photo, thinking I would not be distracted. It too was in a different ceramic dish which I placed on a small brass patio table near me.

This candle had already been burned a few times and was melted down in the center leaving the four peaks that we see. As I sat with it, I became intrigued with the repetition of the shapes in both the candle and the flame. Thus I went for the camera again, this time planning to share the imagery with you.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Part of today’s story relates to distractions, fears and adjusting. The candles’ story above demonstrates how easily I become distracted with things I suddenly see, tintilated by the awareness of them. Thus I’m often jumping into reactive mode, many times shifting and moving into new, oftentimes creative activities.

I invite you to look at yourself and your patterns. Can you stay focussed? Is it natural, or have you set sytems in place to keep you on track?

And, if you jump, as I do, can you claim the benefits that are there for you?

In the story, I also mentioned fear and my way of coming up with an alternative solution. When you feel a fear, how do you handle it?

I’m still looking for solutions for simply “being”. I started adding the word “patiently” to that and realized that adding anything would not be “simply being.” How about you?

Additional Photos

The top candle in the pot

41 Second video of flaming candle – Note the two paper strips

Large candle the next day. Note how the wax has filled the bowl.

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