Beauty is Everywhere, in All Places – Reflections in a Car

by Sheila Finkelstein on July 10, 2009

Those of you who follow my work know that it is my mission and passion in life to inspire everyone to see the beauty in the ordinary and experience it as extraordinary.

Reflections in hood of silver Toyota Rav4

Reflections in Car Head Lamp

Reflections in car

On a recent call during one of my Through and From the Lens telecourse sessions, one of the participants, in querying my photography and how I see, stated, “It does help that you live where you do, surrounded by so much beauty.” My response was that for me it’s simply paying attention to whatever catches my eye, not questioning it. Rather I take the camera and start photographing whatever has me pause and then explore it, with the camera, from numerous angles.

For this session she had photographed her hand and taken only one photograph. She stated that it was the shadows that had interested her. My recommendation was that once she saw what it was that appealed to her, it was an opportunity to position her hands and fingers in different ways, experimenting with the shadows and/or the lines and shapes created by her changing positions.

This conversation on my having “exclusivity” on beauty in several of the nature centers near me in Boynton Beach, Florida stayed with me. Then in a parking lot yesterday afternoon, I was drawn to the reflections in the head and rear lamps in my car. Assuming that most of us have access to a parked car, I started photographing reflections in the head lamps, tail lamps, hood and side of my car. Then, should one claim mine are more interesting than others, I went around and photographed sections of a couple of other cars.

The three photographs above are part of the series. You can see more in my FlickR REFLECTIONS SET photostream. Scroll to the end in that set.

I now invite you to go out, or stay in, and take a walk with your camera. Look for something ordinary that you might usually ignore and start photographing. Why not make it reflections for this trip. How many places can you find them? In a mirror, glasses, water in the glass, in a bowl, in a sink, a puddle, a camera lens, and, of course, in car surfaces and head lamps? What else?

The one thing you will not find is the exact coloration and pattern that came from a fabric pouch I had on around my neck that caused the color in some of the photos. Of course, you may add color and patterns to your attire in the event you wind up as part of the reflection. Have fun.

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Marifran July 11, 2009 at 2:37 pm

Hi Sheila,
What I’m reflecting on is how wonderful a life I have.

When I saw those first three pictures and had not read the explanation, I thought the last second and third car headlight photos were possibly photos of an escalator.
It’s fun to guess, even if you’re incorrect.


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