Beauty Continues in Aged Rose – Picture to Ponder – vol 6 – Issue 8

by Sheila Finkelstein on February 23, 2010

As you most likely recall, roses were featured in the last issue of Picture to Ponder – “Perfections, Imperfections, Counting Blessings” (see post below this).

Although I had not intended a continuation of the theme or photos, I am in such awe of the beauty of several of the roses, now eight days older, that I simply had to share one of them here.

Today’s Photo

pink rose center - 8 days after Valentine's Day

I started adding another photograph and it felt that this one needed to have the total space. I invite you visit the page, Roses – 8 days Later. It has this rose photograph, plus five others taken at the same time.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Comments on the blog and directly to me had me revisit the theme of imperfections.

One reader wrote that she has frequently created rose greeting cards and realized, as she was reading and looking at the featured roses, that she often would pinch off the “imperfect” petals!!. This, during times she was teaching children to accept their “imperfect” pictures and stories.

As I mentioned above, today’s rose, and those on the Roses Page, were taken 8 days after I brought them home. Amazed at the remaining full-body-ness of several, I took more photographs in the night light.

I suspect that many of the readers here would have long ago discarded the flowers, seeing them only as shriveled up.

I invite you to look into your life. Can you identify a point in the life cycle when you discard flowers, objects, people – defining “life cycle” as the time period of usefulness?

Are there people’s statements that you automatically disregard, because they feel “old”, not “right”? What if you took another look?

Where can you find beauty today/tonight in something you usually ignore or slough off?

As always, have fun with this.

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Lauren Strouse February 24, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Your 8 day old roses are still beautiful. They have a rather “antique,” look like pictures of flowers in an old Victorian album. I had three red roses in a Valentine bouquet – by the 8th day they were still looking about like yours. I took the entire arrangement apart because some of the other flowers had totally wilted. Six miniature carnations were placed in two small clear antique glass bottles and on day 11 are still looking very fresh on my two night stands. The roses lasted in a bud vase until day 10 at which point they bowed the heads so I said goodbye. I decided I absolutely needed more flowers – it is the end of February and I am ready for spring, so while grocery shopping I treated myself to some potted tulips and hyacinths. As for imperfections – I rather like imperfections. I found a disgarded handmade pottery vase once that someone had obviously tossed because it wasn’t straight. During the firing process it began to collapse or list little, but it was glazed with the most beautiful deep blue glaze and it makes a perfect container for holding kitchen utensils. Each day when I look at it sitting on my counter I am reminded of how beautiful the color is and how perfect it is for the use I have put it to. I love it! thank you for sharing your flowers.


Sheila Finkelstein February 24, 2010 at 8:03 pm


Thank you so much for your comments. Interestingly, 6 of the roses from the arrangement did not make it beyond a few days. And, 6 more are still in some “alive” state. There are a couple of yellow ones, hung over, that still are holding a shape. Color didn’t work out as well photographically. I’ll post tomorrow, perhaps.

The other flowers from the arrangement have been waiting patiently for me to take pictures of them.

I find interesting also, the “imperfect” pottery piece you mentioned. I’m moved to start looking for other imperfections. We’ll see if they show up here.


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