A Rotted Pear sparks Perspective Shifts, Openings and Humor – Picture to Ponder – v8-2

by Sheila Finkelstein on January 11, 2012

A quick follow-up – After publishing last week’s Picture to Ponder, I discovered the possibility of the relaxation/respite ocean videos as the background image while working in other programs. I added a quick, new post to the blog and included the “Gulls at the Ocean” video within the message. You can view it directly within the Ocean Energy blog post. You can also click on an icon to see the video full screen.

Now, regarding today’s issue of Picture to Ponder, I suspect that you may be a little taken aback by the featured photos, so a quick explanation. The images are more about the lesson that came through for me, than they are about being aesthetically pleasing or “nice” photographs. So, I’ll go right into the pictures and their story, expanding on the “message” in the Self-Reflecting Queries.

Today’s Photos and Story

Face as seen in a rotten pear

The other day, I picked up a pear from my counter to put into a green smoothie for lunch. I was a little disappointed to find that a couple of outside sections of the pear were overripe. I was not too upset, though, thinking I’d simply cut the small areas away. What I found was that the “rot” went much deeper than I thought.

Then when I cut the pear in half I found even more decay in the center, as a matter of fact, throughout most of the pear. Disgusted, I salvaged about a sixteenth of the pear, still mostly hard on the outside. After a moment, rather than continuing to beat myself up about the waste, I simply shrugged and “let it go.”

Then, as I begain picking up the “garbage,” what I considered them to be, from the sink, the above face caught my eye and brought an instant smile to my face. I continued grinning as I grabbed my camera to photograph it.

Of course, this led me to turn the pear half over. There was a different image on the opposite side.

Second view of face in a rotten pear

As I continued exploring the other remnants, more faces appeared including the profiles in a couple of the smaller scraps.

two profiles of pear faces

In this case, as background I simply used the stainless steel sink in which the pieces were.

Self-Reflecting Queries –
Rather than state and expand on the lessons that came up for me, I’m thinking as I’m writing here, that it might be more interesting, perhaps challenging, to leave it up to you to pull out your own messages.

To get you started, a couple of key words, part of Picture to Ponder recurring themes, that fit here are:

Being Open
Shifting perspectives

What comes up for you around these words and the above images, particularly in your own life?

What other thoughts might you be having?

And, lastly, I can’t resist:

Are there/have there been areas, people, situations in your life that you were quick to ‘toss’ because you thought they were not what you expected or wanted, that you thus had no use for then?

Had you been open might other possibilities have occurred for you?

As always I invite you to have fun with the photos and queries. Please share,  in the COMMENTS below,  your experiences with them and what comes up for you.

For the Creative Among You
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