The giant, almost 7-foot spider web encountered in very early January seems the perfect place to start this overdue post. Initially the web was almost invisible, as so much of happenings in our lives are. And when we stop to study the web, we see so many almost perfect paths emanating from and going back to the center core… ours and, in this case, the spider itself!

Nonchalantly walking in my neighborhood in the dark of the night, I suddenly caught myself just before I walked into web. It extended from a mailbox on the curb to a somewhat high branch on a tree beyond the sidewalk a few feet into a lawn.

spiderweb2 Connections   Spider Web   Life and Relationships Analogy   Treasure Your Life Now   v10 1 [click to continue…]


Along with wishes for the New Year (see last photo), today’s issue of Treasure Your Life Now brings queries for you to consider as we move into 2014.

Do you ever find yourself waiting for the exact, right moment to do something, say something, write something, or… ??

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cr biker sky1 Taking Action Celebrating 9 Years   Treasure Your Life Now   V9 12

I want to acknowledge and thank all the subscribers who have been faithfully opening/reading and, perhaps, pondering Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life now for these past nine years!! In addition, of course, thanks to all who have joined us during this time.

Sharing with you over the years, having you with me through my highs and my lows, as I worked my way through them, has made a huge difference in my life. [click to continue…]


Full Moon Rising over the Ocean – October 2013

by Sheila Finkelstein on October 19, 2013

According to published articles, there would be/was  a Lunar Eclipse at 7:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time on Friday night, October 18, 2013.  It was said to be heralding a time of change.  A friend and I went to the ocean shortly before sunset to observe the moon rising. We anticipated also seeing the eclipse to be an hour later on the timeline. [click to continue…]


sunset wako IMG 9933 500 Pay Attention to What Lights You Up   Treasure Your Life Now   v 9 11

As part of Living AND Treasuring Your Life Now, I invite you to always pay attention to what lights you up. When you have an “aha” about an experience make note to remember it.

As you read this issue, use it as an opportunity ask yourself, “What in my life DOES light me up?” If the question and introspection is somewhat foreign to you, write down your observations so you can refer to them whenever you feel the need for reenergizing.

For the first several years Picture to Ponder, Treasure Your Life Now’s predecessor, was sparked by the almost constant use of my camera. I had conditioned myself to taking pictures of whatever it was that caught [click to continue…]


The Path – Too Many Choices – A Seeming – TYLN – v9-10

by Sheila Finkelstein on August 10, 2013

collage1 overwhelm The Path   Too Many Choices   A Seeming   TYLN   v9 10

Before going into photos and ponderings, I want to mention the Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Miraculous Relationships. Given we are about Treasuring our Lives I think you might want to check it out if you have not already been aware of this program. Today is Day 7. Recording and Messages are available for free for five days from the time they are posted, so there is still time to register and experience most of the series at no charge.

The welcome statement states, “We are honored you are joining us on this journey to the heart of true love. You will discover the wonder that exists within and then watch all of your relationships unfold effortlessly, easily and miraculously.” [click to continue…]


fireworks sunburst 500 Celebration   Fireworks   Flowers   Photo Play   Treasure Your Life Now   v9 9

I was shocked to see that it’s been over a month since I last published an issue of Treasure Your Life Now. Thoughts and ideas have been periodically surfacing and floating in and out:

“Messages, which one shall I deliver? which photo? what words? I have other pressing things to do.” I can go on and on and I’m sure you could add more from your lives, too.

Then this morning I woke up thinking, “Less is more. Simply put out an issue with a photo or two. Don’t worry about ‘Queries’ and ‘Tips’ Make it quick. Let it be easy.” [click to continue…]


whiterose5 iphoto fix Roses and Celebrating the Past and Present   Treasure Your Life Now   vol 9   7

Do you always feel that it’s necessary to keep moving forward? that it’s important not to look back? Well today’s photos and queries are a demonstration of celebration and appreciation of experiences from the past.

Given Mother’s Day was not that long ago, I’d been thinking about featuring “roses” in this issue of Treasure Your Life Now. They are sometimes known as “symbols of love.” See “Roses and Hugs say ‘I love you.’”

I’d planned to use a couple of roses from a Mother’s Day bouquet I received from one of my sons and his family this year. First, wanting to see what I had shared in the past, I searched for “roses” on this Photography and Transformation Blog. [click to continue…]


little green heron Seeing Everyday Things Newly   Shortcuts   Dont Miss Out   TYLN   vol 9 7

Throughout the years of publishing Picture to Ponder and Treasure Your Life Now, there’s been the recurring theme of “Being Present in Our Lives” – “present” to the people in it and to our environments.

This includes hearing what is being said, rather than listening to the voices in our head and what we think is being spoken by another person. [click to continue…]


tom window shadows Demotion or Acknowledgment   Two Sides to Every Story   Treasure Your Life Now   vol 9 6

In life I’m sure you’ve probably experienced that there are always at least two sides or more to every story we tell ourselve. In the process, if open to it, we also become aware of the often varied shades of shadows and light within the experience. [click to continue…]